Winning: It's a state of mind

Last Update: November 19, 2019

A while back I wrote a post with the help of the best no-limit poker player Doyle Brunson, where I and he asked 'Are you ready to be a winner? Well today I revisit my friend Doyle for this piece of wonderful advice.

In light of my recent financial troubles, it would have been quite easy to get down and feel like the world was against me. Why is it so hard?, Why is it such a struggle? What have I done to deserve this? Was I a bad person in my previous life? Is this Karma? There has got to be a better way!

We've all done it, fallen into the pit of doom. Allowing our minds to swim in the negative of worry and anger and jealousy at others 'good fortune', wondering why it is it not us getting a break, that new job or promotion or winning a prize.

Well my 'good friend' Doyle has the answer, it is it all in your mind. The state of your mind creates your reality. Brunson advises us that 'when you feel that supreme ray of confidence radiate from within you, things will happen that are almost magic. Well. We've all experienced it in the past, everything seems to fall together and work in harmony. And you 'win' like magic.

That's why when you get on your winning streak, there is it just no stopping you!. Brunson advises us to use personal psychology to build our confidence, to believe. OK, we have all heard the saying 'you have to believe to receive'. And whether you believe in manifesting or the power of the positive mind or not, winning is it all down to the state of your mind, it is it an inside job (as is pretty much everything else).

So back to me and my story. I dreamed big and yearned for financial freedom. I am chasing that illusive laptop lifestyle, the passive income. But I took the leap with doubts still in my mind. I had been literally guided here to Wealthy Affiliate (as I am sure many of you feel). There was a day when I said out loud to the universe 'There has got to be a better way! I need help). The next day a friend told me about affiliate marketing, without me even saying a word to them.

I thought that I was going to be self-employed and write and was going to live this wonderful free life. Unfortunately this little thing of needing money to buy food and pay the bills reared its head. What I was earning from self-employed work was no where near enough, and actually the self employment I chose was more like being employed with no money or benefits! So once again I put it out there, What is the way? and I believed that an answer and a way would be presented to me.

A few days later my sister jokingly sent me a message that Mcdonald's were hiring. I resisted at first thinking this was so far away from freedom and my dream of no employer. However, life presented me with a way, so I decided as an experiment to go with it, follow the sign. I also decided to go into the job with a winning attitude, to give it my all. I'm an actor, so acting like I loved cleaning tables and toilets was a doddle. But actually what I have found is it that because I go in as if this is it the best job in the world, it actually is quite fun. Within 4 weeks I have been promoted to team leader.

I am now here believing in myself and the guidance of the Universe. (maybe coincidences). However, I believe it is it my state of mind that is it turning this bad situation around at break neck speed. My change of mind from negative to positivity and gratitude has made me a winner without anything outside actually changing!. With my new mindset I am a winner already and everything I receive outside is a bonus. And guess what this morning a refund cheque for £432 came through the post, enough for my children s Christmas presents, pretty much to the £!

What is it ironic is it I thought that by going self-employed I would have so much time and energy to build my website and build my business. However, in reality what happened is it gave me no time and took all my energy worrying about how we would survive. I now move forward believing, no in fact knowing that it will all work out just at is it should. That if in my mind I am free and abundant and living the laptop lifestyle, then I will. So here I am with a good coffee, writing a blog post to this wonderful community, joy!

So what does this have to do with you and affiliate marketing? Everything!

Your ability to succeed here is all in your mind. You can create a life you love, without anything outside changing. The irony is, when you can do this, the outside seems to change effortlessly.

I believe my website will provide me with sales and it has, average a sale every other day, since I started! Athletes play out a race and win it by miles in their minds before they do it for real. I now visualise in my mind the success I will achieve.

Know that you can do this. Even if you are a technophobe like me, who started with absolutely no knowledge, all you need is it here, in the lessons and within the minds of this truly amazing community. Know that you will make money from your site(s).

Talk and think confidence. When friends and family throw doubt in the mix, throw it back out! Like Doyle Brunson says 'The proper mental exercises can be great for the bankroll! Well. Know that you are going to win, going to be successful and be confident, feel it in your head and then let it touch your soul. Then stand back and enjoy what amazing things happen along the way.

Have a truly wonderful day

Much Love


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FKelso Premium
Yep, our success is all in our minds. It's called "mindset," and once you get in the right one, you seem to be able to advance with much more ease. Not that there aren't still problems, but when you have the attitude that you can do whatever it takes, strangely enough, you will.
SaraPoyner Premium
Thanks for your wonderful input to the subject Fran xx
Twack Premium
So much truth. I hope that many read this and take on board the simplicity of actually achieving true happiness. From the moment your feet hit the floor to your head hitting the pillow, it's all positve. Visualising is very underrated and yet so powerful. Like attracts like, vibration, frequency, whatever you want to call it, Gratitude and love.
You have the trust in yourself and the universe. When you are fully committed to having a positive mindset even the unexpected jolts barely register on our internal richter scale.
life is good, spread the word.
SaraPoyner Premium
Life is good : )
KentO13 Premium
You are absolutely correct. It's all about state of mind. Hope comes into it, but it has a question attached to it.... 'it can either go positive or negative.' Attitude is believing you know you will have it. Then truth comes in. Knowing something is true... things happen immediately. It falls right into your lap.
SaraPoyner Premium
Thanks Kent. Yep Throwing hope and faith into the mix with belief makes for very good ingredients to success and winning at this game we call life xx
KentO13 Premium
That's correct. One must continue if they want excitement!
SaraPoyner Premium
Onward then my friend, onward! Sara
greensail Premium
Forget about the money Sara.
If you work a job you are rewarded with an income. It may not be great, but be thankful and give gratitude.
Money is a renewable resource, sometimes you have it, some times you don't. It is all part of life's Ebb and Flow.
Money is only a reward, but first you have to help someone, however, it is not the only reward.
If you had enough once, have faith you can do it again.
Who knows? the rewards may be greater.

SaraPoyner Premium
Michael, thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond with such a wonderful comment. you are right! The realisations I have had through the hard times recently, are far more valuable to me than money. I will continue my journey with faith. Thanks again : )
CordeliaN Premium
The girl is back......

How wonderful to have you back in the WA campus, raising the roof on expectations, hope and mindset.

Your post has just given me so much to think about.

I think you should seriously consider posting on You Tube, I know it’s daunting but you have so much to offer and you have come out of your dark place and are like a shinning star. That is what you tubers
SaraPoyner Premium
Thank you so much! YouTube is in the plan for the new year xx
It is truly so lovely to be back here within the community and just writing. And truly great and very motivating to reconnect with the wonderful people like yourself. xxx