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Last Update: June 01, 2020

So, I have been using wealthy affiliate for a few years. I originally started thinking it was going to be all easy, and quickly got bored going through the tutorials! When am I going to make money? I had forgotten about it for a little while and then decided to start back up again with a different mindset. It has been slow going since I work full time night shift and have a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter and two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. My support at home is minimal. I have found that a lot of my difficulties stem from having too much information for my topic and not being able to channel it and organize it properly. I am doing a website on health and fitness on night shift! The irony, right? Meanwhile I can’t find the work/life balance to get it done! I struggle with writing, I struggled for a long time with what theme to even pick for my website. I started a website then decided the name and home page was awful, so I deleted everything and restarted again. Not sure how everyone gets their pages to look so beautiful! I am struggling through pretty much every aspect of this, but I am determined to get this website going. its if anyone cares to take a look at what I have so far. I’m not sure I like the theme still and cannot for the life of me figure out how to get all my posts to have different background pictures and how do I change colors of things? I am already paying at adobe stock and somewhere else that I tried to cancel because I wasn’t using the images and then they were going to charge me an early cancellation fee. I tried to use the image pages that were given in the training but none of them worked for me so I started googling free images. Then I waste immeasurable amounts of time trying to find something relevant and I have only added a few links. I am nervous I’m going to lose my affiliate status with amazon since the webpage isn’t ready and I got an email from amazon saying I have to have 3 purchases in the next few months to keep my affiliate links. I still really want this to work. Not sure where to go at this point. I’m not even sure what it means in this post where it says to add some tags. I am really looking forward to the day that I even make my first penny.

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