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June 22, 2015
Well, needless to say that I am a little overwhelmed but I'm getting there. I have two websites (please feel free to take a look and comment if you wish, the links are in my profile page). One was my original small business which was hosted somewhere else, and had started it well before I came to WA, but I created a new site and now it's hosted at WA. Yay. Hopefully along with the training I can get it out there as it was kind of hard to find my website before. I did start another website wh
June 08, 2015
I know that I am supposed to write my first post on my website before I move on with the training but I'm procrastinating....I think!! Or do I just not cut the mustard as a blogger?? It should be simple as my niche is rather huge but it feels like I'm back at University but in this case the whole world might just see my assignment as opposed to the Professor (or his/her assistant because I know that they don't mark the assignments themselves).Please god, grant me the courage to just write some