Life Lessons Applied In Marketing

Last Update: July 26, 2016

Many of us grew up with many life lessons imparted from older generations (grandpa/grandma/mom/dad) which in most cases were wiser because of their own life lessons learned from experience.

But, it wasn't until I reached a point in my life where the situation actually calls for applying what was taught to me earlier in life that I realized the true value of the knowledge that I possessed.

Now let us take a step back and review what we actually already know and how it can actually be put into a more marketing perspective.

And I can tell you that it does fit surprisingly well, even if I do say so myself.


In an online business or marketing, it's more important now more than ever to share.

There are many things that can be shared. And it doesn't have to be tangible for it to be valuable.

As a matter of fact, many people are looking for information products and these are good examples of non-tangible products which are still very much in demand.

Any piece of information which can help others in solving their problems or in helping them come up with a solution to their problems, or simply something which can make their life easier is valuable.

So by sharing (be it a product or service) with the masses, you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

More and more people will flock to your site to see what you have to offer or how you can solve their particular problem.

When have become a more established and trusted business, more people will look to you to buy what you have for what they need.

Don't Steal

With virtually every piece of information in the world readily available and floating around the internet, it is certainly tempting and (in most cases) easy to take it and simply calling it your own.

Even if many people are doing it, it still doesn't make it right.

Imagine people doing the same to your content... stealing it and pasting it on their own website. No permission, no credit, no thank you, no … nothing.

It's okay to reference someone's content on the internet. Provided you give acknowledge that it someone else's work and also give credit where due.

How does it feel?

And not to mention, imagine stealing someone else's content and putting up on your site and getting caught for doing so.

This will severely damage your reputation and word really spreads fast on the internet.

Saying Sorry

Everyone makes mistakes at some points of their lives. Mistakes are what makes us human.

But sometimes, we do make mistakes at the cost of others' expense.

And when it comes to business, when you suddenly find out that you have a defect, less-than-satisfactory product, instead of denying it, come clean and seek apology for failing to deliver to customer expectations.

The best is to OPENLY apologize (to those affected) to the mistake and then explain how you are going to make up for your mistake by rectifying the problem.

Remember, be sincere in your apologies.


Remember how we used to take afternoon naps when we were little?

The best thing about owning a home-based business is that you are able to relive this childhood moment again.

Instead of an afternoon nap, we adults call it “power naps” now.

Regardless of what's it called, if you find yourself dozing off midday and can't seem to focus on anything, then instead of wasting time staring at the computer screen, it will do you good if you took an hour or 2 “power-nap”.

You'll be surprised at how easily ideas can actually flow into your brain after a quick shut-eye session.

Sometimes a break is very much needed to unwind and being fresh when you tackle work can help you be more productive in the end.


Learning is a life-long process. Just because we finished school doesn't mean we need to stop learning as well.

It is an ever-changing scene when it comes to online businesses. Trends and demands can change just like that in a heartbeat.

Are you learning to take full advantage of the current marketing trends?

As online marketers, we must adapt to the change in order for our business to stay alive and thrive.

You should also learn what your competitors are doing and keep one step ahead of them, learn how to better connect to your customers so that you can better serve them.

The good news is that the internet is such an efficient and vast learning library, it actually makes the learning process so much easier that there's actually no excuse not to.

Friends and Teamwork

When most of us were little, we had tons of friends which we had tons of fun with doing tons of different things.

When it comes to business, we also need friends or business partners. Mutual relationships with other businesses can help elevate our business as it can prove beneficial for the both parties involved.

Building a network and expanding your customer base should not be the only thing your network reach out to.

It's important to build a relationship with other businesses which are similar to your niche or industry or other businesses which you think can complement yours in one way or another.

By networking and building relations, a business can certainly go to heights which is impossible or difficult without doing so.

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Hi Sandel. Well thought out and well written. This is a refreshing view of the internet.
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Nice post and it is better to have good moral and ethical standards, might be harder but it is a worthwhile persuit