Home Biz Time 7: How to Save Money and Spend Less

Last Update: July 25, 2016

Oh, the dreaded ‘B’ word! No, not THAT ‘B’ word I’m talking about the BUDGET ‘B’ word. The formula for determining profit is a really simple one and the
one that all budgets are based upon.

Income – Expenses = Profit.

It isn’t complicated and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that there are two ways to improve your profit:

  1. Increase income.
  2. Decrease expenses.
If you can figure out how to both simultaneously, please let me know how.

It would be really nice if we could just crank up the burners and make more money, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately increasing income is much harder than decreasing expenses when it comes to improving your bottom line.

Fortunately, working at home comes with some built in savings right up front.

You don’t have to buy that expensive gasoline to get to and from work. You don’t have to keep your working wardrobe up to date. You can eat a PBJ sandwich for lunch in your own kitchen.

And all of these are good money-saving things that just come with the territory when you work at home.

There are, however, some other measures that you can take to help decrease your
work at home expenses.

Here are some money saving ideas:

#1: Don’t buy every piece of software that comes down the pike.

Most of us who work at home are software junkies. We LOVE software….all kinds of
software…and before we know it we have software on top of software and more
software than we need or even can use.

Idea #2: Don’t buy bigger programs than you need.

Often programs that help us accomplish the necessary tasks are offered in various sizes.

You might be planning on having a hundred employees next year, but you don’t need software to manage a hundred employees this year.

You can always upgrade when the time comes.

Today you need to save the bucks and go with only what you need today.

That's it for today, I hope this helps you somehow.

What are your thoughts?

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