My journey so far!

Last Update: May 17, 2017

Hi guys, I am just writing a few words about my journey so far as it's one of my tasks to complete today. Not necessarily because I love to type.

My first big lesson - Typing

I can see straight away how beneficial it must be to be able to type at a large volume per minute to be an affecting content writer. I myself am still typing with 3 - 4 fingers and must look at the keypad while doing so. This is the worst idea as your eyes go cross eyed and it wears you out. I'm taking measures to get better at typing and hopefully can pump out that content in record time very soon.


I'm someone who thinks a lot and has a lot of great ideas. I have not though in the past been very consistent with a lot of my wishes and this is why I have not reached great levels of success just yet. I am on the verge of 30 and oh how mature I am becoming. :-)

With my new found respect to consistency I am succeeding in things that at once were just ideas.

Time Management

In the past I have had so much spare time I haven't used it wisely. These were good years and I enjoyed a lot of that free time and saw a lot of places.

These days I am working upwards of 70 hrs a week with work + exercise + wealthy affiliate + other ideas I'm kicking off + + +. This lead me to use some serious time management. If there are just a few days where I am too tired after work, or too busy on days off or any other reasons (excuse) then it's amazing how quickly a few weeks can go past and I won't get anything done here at WA.

That leads back to a lack of consistency, and we enter into the never ending spiral of not moving forward once again.


I've found that if I take this thing too seriously, it becomes much more of a chore than if I just do it out of interest sakes.

I hope you had a good read here, lord know it took me long enough to type. :-)

Cheers, sam.

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markr0675 Premium
Hi Sam. In so many ways you blog here sounds like me. I too am a finger plucker at typing. It does make things more difficult sometimes.
I also struggle with time management. My current place of employment demands many hours. It can be a challenge to work on WA some days. However the fream of freedom keeps me engaged daily, doing my tasks to build my website.

It sounds like you have many things your involved in. Being busy can be a good thing.

Wishing you much success here at Wealthy Affiliate. You can do it.

Thanks so much for sharing.
BrendanB1 Premium
Hi Sam, great to see that you are having a honest look at where you are and what you need to do to move forward.

Here are some thoughts, use them as you please (or ignore them if you think they are crap......)

1) Google "how to type fast" a number of free websites come up (I am certain they have some way to make money but it is a great place to start.). One of the first things I was told to improve my productivity was to learn how to type faster. It is still a work in progress.....

2) Consistency - all you can do is block out a regular time when you are going to work on your site. Depending on your commitments it may to an hour a day or half a day each weekend. Doesn't matter, just block out some time and treat it like your day job.... You turn up on time and you do your hours at work.

3) Time management is an interesting one. How do we manage time. My recommendation is to read David Allen's book Getting Things Done. I found this to be a great resource to organise my life both work and personal so that I can stay on top of stuff and be productive when I need to be and relaxed at other times.

4) Seriousness I'll leave to you.

Good luck with it