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My name is Sam. I'm a Christian apologist, poet, philosopher, mathematician, author, blogger, globetrotter, food-lover and theologian. I love God, people, words, and everything that relates the three. My goal is to affect people positively through communication, whether it be through humor, devotional thoughts, fictional stories, or just telling a few jokes. Life is an adventure, and it's worth telling stories about.
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I'd be happy with $10-20 per day. That would be a nice supplement to my current income. $50-100 per day would be amazing! It would start to take a notable chunk out of my student loans. I'm willing to put in 10-20 hours per week at the start, and perhaps more as I'm able to free up more time.
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Dec 19, 2016
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samstephens Premium
I'd be happy with $10-20 per day. That would be a nice supplement to my current income. $50-100 per day would be amazing! It would start to take a notable chunk out of my student loans. I'm willing to put in 10-20 hours per week at the start, and perhaps more as I'm able to free up more time.
apizsuhaimi Premium
Great goal Sam. Keep working hard and success will come to you.
kevinmj Premium
Excellent goals Sam and welcome to WA. :)

Wishing you great success with what you want to achieve.

AlanCross Premium
Hi and welcome to WA! Glad to have you with us....Not only great goals but very doable get started by clicking the green button on the left for your first lesson and if you get stuck just ask for help!
Carson Premium
Nice goals Sam,

These are going to take you to a whole new level of being focused, motivated, and dedicated to what you are learning here at WA.

As you work through the training lessons, make sure to ask questions when you have them, and take action on what you are learning. You have a full community of friendly people behind you!

I look forward to working with you :)

That reminds me.... I have about $13k in student loans that I had to defer due to being laid off. I would love to be able to pay that off, hopefully while saving some money with WA!
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Savant Premium
Awesome Sam, great to get to meet you here!
Thanks for choosing to follow my activities.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you.
To our success! :)
Jboye Premium
Welcome to the WA family!
samstephens Premium
Thanks! I'm excited about being here. =]
kevinmj Premium
Hi Sam,

Nice to meet you, and glad to see you have put your photo and "about me" description up already.

Also, I hope you are enjoying your experience here at WA. It's one of the few places that actually teaches you how to make a living online and build a successful Internet business the REAL way.

I'm still shocked at all the resources such as training, lessons, keyword searches, and amazing support and community. Let me know if you have any questions.

P.S. If you decide to upgrade to Premium in the next 7 days, you will get:

1. 59% off the first 30 days
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4. Everything you need to build an online income!!!!!


We got around 4 days left. I'm here to help you!

Let's go Premium.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, I am here to help :-)

Carson Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Sam!

I hope that you are enjoying your first day here within the community and have had a chance to poke around and see what we have to offer. As you get started I'd like to suggest working through the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course as it will give you a very solid understanding of how Internet marketing works and how you can leverage the Internet to earn revenue.

This training is on your Dashboard and can be found in the main menu:

I am here to help at each step of the way so please do not hesitate to ask for anything :)

kevinmj Premium
Hello Sam, nice to meet you!

My name is Kevin, welcome to WA and wish you every success with WA! :)

As a new member, the first thing you should do is fill out your account profile.

Don't worry, it's really easy to do. All it consists of is the following simple steps...

(1) Add your profile image
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That's it!

Here's a video which makes it really easy to do:


If you do these simple steps it will really show you're serious about learning how to succeed at this business and people will be more likely to answer your questions and help you if they see you've taken the two minutes to complete your profile.

Then, make sure you complete Lesson 1 to start moving in the right direction:


Click that link and take a few moments to get rolling...

Do you have any questions? Go ahead and ask me right now!

I'm here to help :)

~ Kevin
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Sam, I quickly want to run something really important by you.

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I would honestly consider taking advantage of this because it's only $19. I just wanted to let you know so you don't miss out.

That way you can explore and get access to everything.

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Let's do this and again wishing you all the very best with your online journey!