First blog ever!

Last Update: August 26, 2016

It is not really true that this is my first blog ever. I have posted a few blogs before.

About two years ago I created my own website ( and promised myself that I would follow through updating it every now and then. It wasn't about making money then and it honestly still isn't. I wanted a place online that my children, wife, maybe parents and friends could visit to see what I was experiencing. I wanted to write about myself, almost like a memoire online if you will.

There are many websites that have made it very easy to create your own website by simply drag and drop. Anyone could do it I though and I still think anyone can do it but I it is very difficult (at least for me) to do without any basic knowledge.

I have a great feeling that I have found a platform that will provide me all the knowledge I need to create a cool website or maybe many cool different websites. If this would later lead to making money online, I would be even more grateful (if that is possible).

Props to the creators of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle & Carson!

Looking forward to learn from you and the rest of the WA community:)

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