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May 08, 2016
Hey guys hope everyone is having as much fun as I am. I am learning little by little and loving how easy the step by step program is.I am now into this a little over a month and I hope my niche will work for me. I was feeling like the niche I picked was not a good one but I decided to roll with it. My website is an informative site that helps people with Las Vegas hotels and activities. I enjoy Las Vegas so this is why I picked this as my niche.Do you guys think th
April 21, 2016
My 19th day with WA and everything is going just fine.Coming into this I did not know anything about marketing ,building my own website or anything related to this.I have learned so much and I am always exited to come home and continue my lessons.Right now my website is up,have 5 pages and a couple post with pictures and content that I believe looks very good. A lot of people that are in this just to make a quick buck probably quit already,but that fact that I am having fun and not worrying abo