Sales isn't just success; persistence is too!

Last Update: March 25, 2020

So guys!!

I finally made my new website!! 🙌 (Round of applause please and thank you 👏🎉)

After debating whether or not to transfer my old website, I just decided to start from scratch as Kyle and Carson rightly advised. I only joined WA a week ago now and fully understood from the beginning it's not a get rich quick scheme as some may think. Success isn't just an accident, it's the result of failures and learning and persisting regardless of any of those failures or setbacks.

Sales isn't just success, you have to hit the little goals before you hit the big goals. 👌

(I will upload my Vision Board later to hopefully inspire you to create your own so you can visualise you end goals and motivate yourself to hit your little goals)

Finally getting to the point of getting to build my website is hitting a goal for me 😊

So after a week of asking and asking questions, these are what challenges I faced and what helped me overcome those challenges.

I’m a bit of an indecisive, picky perfectionist so I wanted all these foundations to be correct before I changed my mind in the future which would cost more time & money.

MY BIGGEST HURDLES: Deciding on a niche. Finding an availabledomain. Picking a website theme.

Here’s what helped me tackle those obstacles:

✅Niches - Choose your niche about a topic you’re passionateabout, not what you think might be most profitable as you have to write quality about it. You can not just copy and paste it from other websites.

✅Domains - Selecting a domain is a bit tricky as most of them that you think of will probably be already taken so once you think of a good one, make sure you buy it! Domains should be 3-4 word max and have something to do with your niche. Use to help with domain as Kyle mentions in one blog. Think of one of the most popular websites/apps to inspire you. For example: (InterNET + MovieFLICKS) Short, snappy & catchy!

I was going to buy a domain from GoDaddy too, as you can see from my questions, but as you can see from my question to the community, I realised it's more beneficial, efficient and better value to buy the domain through WA.

✅Website Themes – With thousands to choose from, it can be daunting where to start.

(Personally, I wrote all my content on WordDocument because I got excited about it before even picking the theme. That helped me to visualize how I would like it look before even picking one. But that is up to you if you’d like to do that.)

The FIRST thing I’d highly recommend is search “responsive”when you start building a website to narrow down the themes to more mobile friendly, responsive themes. Many of the themes look very similar to me but have different features. I ended up going for Highly Responsive.

Don’t forget, you have a whole community and website of tools to help you. Use the Live Chat or select the option to Ask the Community to raise a question you think others might be looking for the answer for too. I searched for my question topics and found many interesting blogs or re-read my training if I got stuck. Don’t get stressed, take a breather and get back to finding the answer you’ve been looking for.

“The habit of persistence is the habit of Victory!”

Hope this helps anyone starting 😊

It’d be interesting to know what your obstacles have been recently with whichever stage you’re at with WA and how you’ve they overcome them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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megawinner Premium
The journey should be filled with loads of patience, otherwise, we may never arrive at success! Awesome post! 🆒🌹💝🎯✨👍😊
JeffreyBrown Premium
Niches are a stumbling block for many of us here, Sammi! You are NOT alone! Great positive post, my friend!

BHiatt Premium
WoW ! Great work!
Sammi30 Premium
Thank you!