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April 05, 2015
Not everyone will be celebrating Easter today. In my past, when I was married, my exe made the plans of running to church at the butt crack of dawn. This was after the boys had a total of 5 -10 minutes of checking out the loads of candy left by that rascally rabbit, I don't mean Bugs. The week before was spend shopping for "special" outfits for the boys the ended up being worn a total of 1 or 2 time. These outfits also could be worn for school photos or some other dressy gathering during the ye
March 31, 2015
I have a few things to share since I just completed my first year with the Wealthy Affiliate Community. The few things I would like to share, I'm sure most of you have already experienced or will experience in a very short time. If you have not discovery these benefits you will soon do so. First the community, I have tried a few different programs and worked with many different people of my 3 years working online. Each program I have used I have either found out immediately it was a scam or g
March 25, 2015
After working on a few different items in the last few days, some will be posting soon. Then losing a much respected member of the local fire department. I was going to stay way from my computer today. But I wondered around a little and had to stop into my addiction at WA. Though my wondering I found this image and had to share. It did remind me to help my fellow WA community members. This is not only some good advise. But a way to put a smile on your face after a long week and day.
The calendar may say it's the first day of spring. However, the I think Mother Nature didn't get the memo. This morning in Western Massachusetts it was a whopping 19 degrees with a forecast of snow? I know poor Mother Nature gets a bad wrap when it come to folks in the Northern complaining this time of the year. But we choose to live in a region where cold and snow are part of our life for at least 6 months a year. Every time you make a connection with some one from this area you hear a lot of
The elimination of the fear of failure begins from within yourself. We live in a society in which failure is criticized and occasionally laughed at. Let's face it, everyone has at least watch a video where someone attempts an act of stupidity and fails. We laugh sometimes until we cry then think "How stupid was that?" or "What where they thinking?" My thoughts for sharing this post are really quit simple. It came to me as I was asked recently able making videos and adding them to your web
What is your impression of a true leader? I have been doing a little extra assessment of leadership over the last few days due to some recent developments. The results of research I have done should be no surprise to some of you. I have been researching leadership styles a little more than I did in a post I created over a year ago. At that time I found that there have been 10 different leadership theories: Transformational Transitional Style Skill Situational Contingency Servant Trait Great Man
February 10, 2015
When you have a good website up and running their may be something you will begin to notice. If you have followed the training inside WA and became one of the website on the front page of the SEOs. You will notice that you will have an increase in comments. Which of those comments are LEGIT & which are spammers or robots? We are shown the Akismet and SI CAPTCHA to help prevent some of this non-sense. Yet the spammer remind me of your radar detector in your car. Once you get the latest and g
HERE is the Challenge. I may not be the first or the only one to telling you that challenges in your online business may not be easy to over come, especially if your are a newbie. I am not a college graduate and I do not claim to be some guru of marketing. However, I have been a consumer for years. I have seen online businesses succeed, but I have seen more fail. Amazingly most will fail because they think it is in their marketing champaign or they just do not know what they are doing wrong. In
Today, February 2 Punksatony Phil had the distinct pleasure of seeing his shadow. This means that we will have 6 more weeks of winter. While on my drive home I had the adventure of the week. Driving home in yet another snow storm thinking how much I really love living in New England. By time I finally arrived home from a drive that normally take an hour and ten minute, today took two and a half hours. When I arrived home to learn that schools were closed in the area, some business were closed,