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We are often told that we learn from our failures in live. Yet the turn failure to me seems quit complete or as an end results. Why don't we just call them what they are, setbacks. "Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success." ~ WikipediaFailure can perceived as an end point, a point of which there is no other option, a final outcome. If we are building a home business, we need to look at success as the final o
Father's Day is a day for all of us to think of our fathers and remember them for how they are. I have 3 boys of my own that mean the world to me. So what does Fathers Day mean to you as a father or as a child?First let me point out something I read not too long ago. It comes from an old post from 2013 entitled " Dad? Pops? Father? Why are There So many Names for the Same Person?" Papa and its many variations were primarily imitative of the first sounds that young children produce, which include
June 14, 2015
This is the question we hear a lot in the online business world. I believe I have also asked this in a few different way. It is the most open ended question we could ask. It is also the question that is can be used to answer a question.Why are you hear at Wealthy Affiliate?I am here to learn how to create a successful affiliate business. The success I will achieve I will share with my friends and family. I will also help others to achieve that same success.Simon Sinek has written a few different
June 02, 2015
This is a though a came up with after some communication with another WA member the other day. The Struggling to keep moving forward and the Juggling of our everyday live. The Struggling:Every one of us has those days when we struggle to create content. The mind just does not want to focus and we start to wander. This of it like the moth in the light or as some of us say the "Shinny Light Syndrome." We begin to start creating what we feel will be our next big traffic drawing creation. Next minut
I ask this question for a few reason and a few opinions. What is your Lifestyle Change could be looked at in a few different way base upon goals and achievements. Is your Lifestyle Change based upon a physical change?Is your Lifestyle Change based upon a mental change?OrIs your Lifestyle Change going to be based upon a total change due to you success with Wealthy Affiliate?The reason why I ask this question is simple. After taking a little break from adding content I was doing more reading. I no
Over the last few days I have had to spend some time away from my Wealthy Affiliate Community. My reasoning is really quit simple. I have been extremely busy with family. Quit honestly life got in the way while the weather finally broke here in New England. This meant playing catch up on yard work that should have been done a month ago. It also meant making up baseball game postponed due to the weather.Over the last several days I have been squeezing in some WA work. IN have not had much time to
April 24, 2015
The weekend is here. I keep thinking the warm weather will eventually come to us up here in New England so I could get some yard work done. I have started some of it. But how can I start planting it this weather keeps playing game. Really, it snowed yesterday and it feel like March outside today. So what will this weekend bring? I have been looking forward for the harm weather. The ability to go for a run early in the morning without having to dress in long sleeve shirts. Usually this t
We all have things that we find motivate us in our daily chores. Some will read a post online that just seems to hit the right mindset. You know the one that once you read it you come up with hundreds of different ways to say the same thing but in a different light. Like when we take the time to read some of what others are saying about Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, SiteRubix or any of the other things we see inside WA. This is one of the keys to success in WA in case you missed it. Learn to feed o
April 13, 2015
We have all heard the old saying "Time Sure Does Fly." Over the last few weeks the weather in New England has been to say the least uncooperative to the calendar. The calendar read that spring is here. However, when I peered out my window the other morning before starting my day. I could have sworn it was still winter. Then within the next few hours the snow was gone and I was getting ready for my morning run with a t-shirt and shorts. The whole idea of New England weather this year has remind
I have been working online with Wealthy Affiliate for just over a year now. I something go a few days with adding a comment or two to a few pages to help out some of my fellow WAers. There are some really great website that have been created using the Wealthy Affiliate program. I have also found some websites that just really seem to miss the message that Kyle has in the training. What do I mean by this? Kyle give use the training from the very beginning to create some killer websites with some