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September 20, 2015
ON this Labor Day Weekend in the United State friends and family come together to celebrate the end of summer. People join together for one last weekend to enjoy a few burgers and dogs on the grill. In some cases this is to share a few moments of joy.I live in a small town on Western Massachusetts on a dead end street. This weekend for us became very special to the whole neighborhood. There is about 20 homes on the street with people that have been here for over 30 years to people who just arri
I need to share some of my resent success with my friends in the Wealthy Affiliate community. I have not shared too much lately which You will soon learn why. What I do want you to understand is that some or a majority of the success is thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate program. This would include everything I have learned a long with review more than once, inside the Wealth Affiliate training.First, I want everyone from the "newbie" to the folk that have been here for a while, to understand a fe
Back in January I created a blog post that opened up a little discussion. The post was entitled Affiliate or Entrepreneur, Which one are you? Now I want to see what response people have when we back these two down. We all come to Wealthy Affiliate to become better or to start our online business. Most folks will call themselves an "affiliate" Whether we are affiliates with larger companies such as Amazon or in a company that offers many programs like LinkShare. Both offer great opportunities in
August 12, 2015
Which do you think is the best option for your profession. The debt has gone on for decades and will never get old. Education may be beneficial as we grow up learning to read a write. Experience can benefit you as time goes on and we develop our future.We have all heard the phrases: "Learn from your Experiences" or " Nothing bets Experience" What do these phrases mean?Education is something we can get everyday. Learning from each other or finding something new to explore. Education is not just s
August 06, 2015
When you have a BIG Idea you need to learn how to release this idea to share with others. If you share your ideas you may find that the people around you may start to listen to your ideas in the future.How do you release your BIG Idea?There are many way to release your big idea. The keys to releasing them are within you and your drive to succeed. You need to look deep within your mindset to find the things that drive you.Most of you may say your drive financial. You need to look beyond this. We
July 22, 2015
Kelli and I in Cape May, NJ. Vacation with the boys and CC is half over 3 more days then it's back home and back to work. Love vacationing on the New Jersey Coast. This is our first vacation as a family and our first in a very long time. Thanks to hard work along with dedication and our experience with the Wealthy Affiliate Program. We will be doing this more often together and as a family.
Something in hear time and time again from people working online. What we continue hear is that taking time off is not beneficial for your business. That taking time off will hurt your business. I have to disagree. Time off in any way shape or form could very well benefit your company. Taking a little time off, especially when you are having a mind block, could prove to be the time off you need. For these reasons I am making this post short. Why? To give you time off to regroup, rethink, and rem
July 10, 2015
Some days seem to never end. They seem to continue on with one event after another. I awoke this morning about 5 am. I began the day by taking my morning nutrition, proceeded into a shower, then have my morning drink mix. Then I was ready to get things going. I started by checking the emails, reading a few messages within my WA and then helping out a few folks. After reading my email I notice that one of my income sources had add a new customer in the last 24 hours. The one thing that really int
July 08, 2015
I joined Wealthy Affiliate in March of 2014 as a free trial member. For that week I enjoyed the FREE Premium Membership benefits. I realized that everything I was enjoying would come to an end if I did not become a Premium Member. I jumped in as a Premium Member so I would not lose those benefits. Since becoming a Premium Member I have noticed that there are more to the benefits then what we are told. The community support is second to none in the business. The training we get I want to be 100%