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So, I'm Here at my way to success in Wealthy Affliliate after about two decades of wandering to a good place for beginning my last online business adventure. It my Day One and I call it a day. I profited from the first day offer and dropped in. My first challenge, to be in the money in 30 days.
The Sun, our sun is a specific star class, namely the yelow.Star ClassificationIt has a lifie time of about 10 billions years.Half of it had just passed. 5 billions years remain.After that it will finish as a fast spinning globe of iron, extinct forever.The Earth will be gone by then, burned in the last flares of the dying Sun.In order to survive, we need to migrate to a new earth around another sun in the Milky Way, as as it is stated in Apocalipse 21.Then I saw “a new heaven and a new e