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Last Update: July 17, 2014

1. So I hate the html tags that show up under the comments sections on most (or all themes):

here is the fix install this plug in called: Discard html tags in comments

2. This tutorial on WA, very helpful for newbies:

3. "missing: author" in webmaster tools, data type hatom error.. I found out that the fix is as simple as the following:

B. First use "Structured Data Testing Tool" to preview your page with this error, you will see it has no title.

B. add full page url as contributor in google+. in the links section of your profile.

Example. if page with error is "my experience", then add url experience url in goolge+ as contributor and then use "Structured Data Testing Tool" to preview that your name shows up now as author.

Note: This is what worked for me. I have learned that this error is not important, but hey i think it is nice to get rid of it.

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Maxiam59 Premium
great info all the best
fairo Premium
Oh thank you I have also been struggling with them - I duppose I have to backup first
ryc0614 Premium
you are welcome, not sure about backing up or not.. i didnt back up.