It's good to be back!

Last Update: December 13, 2014

Hi everyone,

6 months ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate and managed to get to Course 3, but really wasn't doing the work. I guess like most people trying to get into the affiliate game, they spend most of their time reading & learning, but not doing!!!

In my case however, I needed to get a stronger background on affiliate marketing so I took a hiatus from WA and set off to read and learn. And boy did I read a crap load of IM information. Some garbage, others were completely outstanding and put things into prospective!!

Today, I know exactly what I want to do in the affiliate marketing game and how to get to reach my objectives. I plan to create a roadmap here as a record of my progress for all to follow as well as keeping a very detailed list on the steps taken to reach those goals. For later duplication!

I plan to also keep an income and expense sheet to keep track of the expenses incurred and hopefully income earned during my journal to success. I'll share a link to this income/expense sheet when I get to that point for anyone interested.

So, today I now continue my training here at WA. I've back tracked out of ALL courses that I had done 6 months ago and now begin my new journey here at WA with Course 1, Lesson 1.

See you all around here at WA! I am VERY excited to put my plan into motion!!


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RudyStebih Premium
Thanks Loes. Yes, I'm just setting it up now and will publish it for all to follow within a week.. Cheer, Rudy
Loes Premium
Love to see this roadmap:) Rudy, so I am going to follow you, greetings Loes