What I can tell you about a niche!

Last Update: January 17, 2017

I hear lots of questions concerning "what is a niche?" Or "can someone help me find a niche?" . Here's my take on niches........

If you put much thought into what your niche is, then it is not really a niche. A niche, in my opinion, is something you do without really having to put much thought into. When I say that, I mean it is second nature to you. A hobby that you enjoy, a pass time that give you pleasure, etc..

Most of you, in your profile, provide ideas for your niche. "I love to read, write, drawing, etc." whatever you do that is easy for you.

I have been cooking BBQ all my life. I take great pleasure in going to start the fire to get ready to cook! When I talk to other people about BBQ, they tell me that it is too much work for them to do. It is not work to me. It is easy for me to do what I do. I love cooking BBQ. It is something I want to do everyday! It is second nature to me.

That is what a niche is. So, I tell you, stop over thinking your niche. I wish you luck finding yours!


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HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Bobby, great blog.
AwesomeWoman Premium
I have a veritable river of hobbies and interests. Thanks for this blog! Do you smoke meats and BBQ or just BBQ? Cheers, ~ t
rrlsystem102 Premium
Both. Mesquite smoked jerky, dried sausage and sugar cured pork are some of my favorites.
AwesomeWoman Premium
Nice! They sound delicious! I'm hoping to trying smoking meat and veggies later this year. Thanks~ t
VeronicasLuv Premium
Well said Robert! I remember racking my brain about finding a niche, and then it just came to me rather organically, as they say.
clorpurt Premium
I totally agree, it can be easy to get too involved in deciding on a niche.
I do a little BBQ and smoking, I'm ok at it. I like eating it a lot more than cooking it though.
Goson Premium
Thanks for sharing thought on this, Robert.