Look what a smartphone can do!

Last Update: Jan 4, 2017


I started my journey here at Wealthy Affiate without the use of a computer. With only a smartphone and a tablet, I have all the tools I need to navigate the World Wide Web. I have my smartphone with me all during the day and I can work on my website, check e-mail, respond to follows, write blog posts, research keywords and much more at any available moment during the day, even while at my other jobs. I have found that it is easy to get in 10-20 hours during the week, by using any free moment during the day. Then in the evenings, I can work for several hours at a time.

It does take some discipline, but once you are in the habit of utilizing your time for success, it is easy. And again, nothing I have done with Wealthy Affiliate was done on a desktop computer.

There are some things you have to adjust to using a smartphone or tablet. For example, the right click functions are not available. Minor adjustments, depending on the smartphone you have, but the job can be done.

If you want examples of what can be done you can visit my profile page and look at my work. Again all of what I have done has been done without a computer.

Good luck to all in their endeavors.


Recent Comments


This is great to know Robert, as I don't have a lot of time between work and other demands ... I also have not been using a smartphone yet ... food for thought!


Robert this is amazing, you have done an incredible amount of work on your handheld device which is just astonishing...

I am seriously impressed with your tenacity and dedication.



Thought it might be interesting to know that I have with a colleague 57000 Zulu speaking people on a Facebook site - at any one time between 1000 - 3000 people are following my colleague on her SMARTPHONE - so we HAVE an audience for the WA platform - it's now a matter of TEACHING them to use their smartphone for WA activity.
Thanx for your encouragement.

Well done. Great achievement. I do commenting sometimes in my phones. Both phones don't operate the same. I find it difficult to edit on one.
Desktop is much better for me if l can get to use it.

Here's a quick tip for adding content with your smart phone. I use an iPhone. So to get around the half screen problem, I will type the bulk of the content in my 'Notes' app. I can do this from anywhere. Then I can copy and paste the content into the WordPress editor and pretty it up later when I'm at my tablet. This has saved me some time at night, placing posts on my website. I have my best ideas at all times during the day. Generally when I'm not at home.

I hope this will help!

Best of luck!


Hello Robert, I'm particularly interested in your experience as I live in South Africa - Durban on the Indian Ocean. I am now about to introduce WA to 7 million Zulu speaking Africans - who are FAST embracing smartphones and some have Tablets. But coming to the laptop - that has not taken on as it should have.

So your experience is important for me to follow. I'lll watch with interest of how you're doing - so just keep blogging!

Well done!

I wish you the best of luck. Let me know how I can help.

I do all my commenting on my iphone; but it is terrible writing blogs because the screen is half off of my page. I have to write half of it blind (which is dangerous with autocorrect and fat thumbs). It's not too bad on my tablet; but still easier on desktop. I am happy to be able to check notification emails and comment on posts, though. I am away from my computer almost every weekend. But tablet won't pick up internet where I am...so blogging is kinda out. I wish I knew if there was a way to get that blog window to the center. Thanks for posting.

Wow! This is great :) I get really frustrated when I only use my smartphone. I applaud you for dedicating so much time to this.

Do you have WiFi where you work and at your house? I think I'd be able to do a lot more if I did...

Wifi and unlimited data. The area where I live has just upgraded to LTE service.

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