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The year has changed into December and Christmas is soon upon us. What is the status as the last month of the year has begun? Well, not much of revenue to relate to, but if revenue can be counted in terms of new knowledge and increase in acquired competence in an entirely new field, it has been a success beyond words. While I am working around the clock, I know something big will happen!Going Into High Gear of LearningThe last six weeks have been a period of intense learning of new skills and k
The following quote is from Ernest Hemingway. It addresses a phenomenon which is on the rise. People don´t listen anymore. People tend to listen to talk instead of listen to hear. A good listener, listen until the speaker has finished and at the same time observing the speakers body language."When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen."- Ernest HemingwayYou can learn a lot from and about a person if you observe and listen carefully. This applies both 1-to-1 and in plen
December 02, 2020
"Silence breeds curiosity and curiosity leads to a conversation where someone will listen to you." - UnknownThis is something to take notice of. There is to much noise today and a lot of us are talking of the sake of talking, not really conveying any message at all. Silence is good! It is often telling much more than you think.Have a fantastic day!Roy
Social Media presence should be a part of your long term strategy for building your brand and your business. If you are not on any social media platform at the moment, you should start planning how you are going to use the social media scene. If you are trying to "wing it" at the moment, STOP!, because you will spin, crash and burn in one way or another.If you have a plan and consistent presence on social media, do you follow an Authentic Social Media Strategy or Are You Hiding?Who Do You Want
November 30, 2020
“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore RooseveltWe are easily caught up in what we are creating and forget the worth of anything that lies in the process. The process induces creativityand as such developement of yourself! Winning or losing, it’s the fact that you thave taken action and tried, with all your resources, to do the best at something you feel is of value. That alone is rewarding.YOU CAN DO THI
The cover picture is lying a bit. This has nothing to do specifically to cryptocurrencies even if cryptocurrencies is related in the bigger picture. Instead, it has everything to do with how you consider your investment of joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Think about it, why did you join Wealthy Affiliate in the first place? Did you join just out of curiosity and a whim, or did you have a firm plan behind it? Have you changed your view with regard to why you are here after discovering what WA pr
Fellow WArriors! Another huge milestone has been broken this week. In addition to doing my first video, I have now an official podcast live on Spotify, Anchor and several other podcast platforms. It was approved ny Spotify and went live at noon today!WoW! What a feeling and what a rush this is. I managing to break down barriers like an avalanche at the moment!!This is anther huge brick added to the foundation of my business! I am looking forward to doing hte next podcast. The plan is to publi
November 20, 2020
Wow, what a week! Building my first funnel has led me to reaching a huge milestone for an introvert; I have taken the uncomfortable step to record myself on video, and sharing some of my worst moments in life as my story! It will be published as a part of my first funnel for growing my email list!It was a lot of fun,but I needed 17 recordings before it was good enough to be used. The remaining taks is to do some editing in the beginning and the end!Just me and my Iphone with a teleprompter app
Good morning! To start the day off, I got two Jim Rohn quotes to get you going:"The Major Key to Your Better Future is You"and to do use this key, you do it it by:"Learning to Work Primarily on Yourself"Money should not be the primary goal for you if you want to succeed on a permanent basis. If you learn to succeed on a personal level by bettering yourself, the money will come as a consequence. You should focus on serving your customers and visitors to your online channels by providing value to
This is a short update, but I got some good news during the week that has passed. At first, 1 week ago I got invited to be an affiliate to a merchant on the Awin network. This is the second time this happens 😃. Yesterday morning I got accepted by another merchant as an affiliate. You might feel that the cogwheels might me turning slowly sometimes, but they do turn. Be diligent and steadfast in what you do and the goals and your pan will start working on you, instead of you working on y