Instagram Task For The Month of March

Last Update: March 14, 2021

It is not only Pinterest that needs some tender loving care. You can of course take ideas from my Pinterest Nugget post but nevertheless, here are some inspiration for posting to Instagram in March

Your Target Audience Is Important

If you do not know who you are posting to on Instagram your audience is crucial to your Instagramming. This is the same process that applies to your niche website. Niche down on Instagram, just like you do on your website.

If you are trying to be too broad, you will lose out on Instagram. Your followers will not engage with you, and will most definitively not follow you off the Instagram platform.

The recommendation is to use March to focus on your target audience. niche it down like everything else in your business.

Here are some bullet points to help you in finding your "own people". it is people;

  • Which needs you can fill
  • that you can deeply impact
  • You enjoy engaging with them
  • which are excited to buy via your links, work with your brand and support what you do

Post Inspiration For March

The 17th of March is St. Patrick's Day and the following hashtags is good for relevant posts;

#stpaddysday2021#shamrock #saintpatricksday #leprechaun #4leafclover #stpaddys

The 23rd of March is International Puppy Day, so dog lovers, watch out!

#puppiesofinstagram #cutepuppy #puppyeyes #puppydogeyes #puppy #puppykisses

Actions Items For Instagram In March

If you want to go full out on Instagram, Tailwinds 10K Instagram Followers: The Complete Roadmap is a great guide to follow. In the guide, there is a chapter that is called Finding Your Ideal Audience and follow the recommendations in the chapter.

Also, go to Tailwinds blog about creating a perfect avatar for your target audience. Further, there is a great article at "Jenn´s Trends" by Jenn Herman that is a great resource on finding your target audience on Instagram.

And of course, seek out the resources here at WA about Instagram

Your Important Post Events

One way of getting followers is to share an insight into your personal life, and not just posting niche related topics. These could be important anniversaries, launch dates and other announcements.

Write them down in a content planner or calendar in a similar format as follows:

Event: xxxx
Hashtags: xxxxx

Some Final Words

I love March. it is a month when everything comes alive again. it is a Month to be celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest!

Happy Instagramming.


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Always an insightful pleasure Roy
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I am here to serve, Hugh. You keep me on my toes :-D

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Thanks Roy, Good stuff
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Thanks for sharing these tips Roy.
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Thanks for the post. I like the tip on sharing something personal.
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Thank you, Jim. A little bit of human touch can do wonders for engagement :-)