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Last Update: January 17, 2021

In my last blog post, I wrote about Pinterest and gave some advice on what to think about at the start of the new year. There is also Instagram to consider directing more traffic to your websites. Instagram is also one of the social media platforms that I will use to increase the numbers of visitors to my websites.

Just like Pinterest, I will provide some ideas or incentives to get your Instagram presence noticed on a regular basis.

Content Is King - Planning For Consistency and Growth

With a good plan for the year that has just started, it is fully possible to reach 10K followers on IG if you are consistent with content of value. I have not done it, but there are examples of those that have. Why do I mention 10K? At 10 K followers, you get access to more features on the platform to boost your reach

One of the most rewarding action you can take and be diligent with is consistency. As with your website, consistent publishing of content is crucial. It is not easy as with Instagram you should aim for xx posts each day. Building consistency on Instagram is as for your website blog, the one habit, which is the most difficult when you start.

Use January as a start-up month for getting consistent with your Instagram account. To this, you have to create a plan for the whole year with non-flexible milestones for posting and number of posts.

Detail Your Plan

You can do your posting on Instagram manually without a problem, but it will take time, more time than using tools available to automate your posting.

In your plan, the details are important. Measurable details is crucial and when they shall be met. To reach these goals you need to find out how to balance your life towards Instagram and business. There have been several members of WA that have posted their business plans and goals at the start of 2021. I have to, take a look at my blog post on the topic. Make a similar one for your social media channels.

Without a plan, it will be impossible to be successful on Instagram and it will be a waste of time.

An overall plan on what to focus on throughout the year can be like the following:

  • Jan: Consistency
  • Feb: Brand Identity
  • Mar: What is your audience (create your perfect avatar)
  • Apr: Plan your Instagram feed
  • May: Research relevant and traffic generating hashtags
  • Jun: Captions that are compelling and stops your audience in their tracks
  • Jul: Focus on driving traffic
  • Aug: Create your tribe, focusing on building your IG community
  • Sep: how to network on Instagram
  • Okt: IG stories, learn to use them to your benefit, they are effective!
  • Nov: ready for video? Focus on IG videos this month
  • Dec: Optimize your content, biúild a mix of content to extend your reach, but not becoming "off-topic" from your niche

Ideas For January

Each month of the year has some topics that are a good tip on how to attract interest. First of all, create a sphere of impressions and followers, and start posting. You can post a bit in general, but make sure you also post something that is related to your niche.

January is halfway done, but there are still lots of topics to create content from. Some ideas are:

  • National handwriting day (23rd January)
    • handwriting
    • lettering
    • penmanship
    • caligraphy
  • Quotes , quotes are always an evergreen topic for Instagram
  • Affiliate marketing:
    • Planning the year:
      • business plan
      • social media plan
      • webinar plan
      • tutorial plan
      • lead magnet creation planning (freebies)

Some Final Thoughts

As with everything else in your business, you need to plan your activity on social media. To help you in the process, make the most out of resources in the training and classes on WA. Use the most of additional resources on the Internet like Tailwind, Later, Hootsuite, Hubspot and many others. Use Google and learn to search for information. I do and have found several very good ones.

Stay tuned for the next Instagram nugget, next week


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drjec Premium
I know you are right. I am working with social media, but I find it very difficult to plan a strategy because I am still not completely comfortable with the medium. Thanks for the push.
roysinOnline Premium
There is no right or wrong here, Jim. You have to find your own way that fits you, to do your affiliate marketing. Do not feel pressured, but it could benefit your traffic numbers if you make use of at least one social media channel.

Only1Hugh Premium
Yet again Roy a clear plan of action that I certainly will be looking at closely for my own adoption. Thanks dude

roysinOnline Premium
You are welcome, Hugh. I hope it will be beneficial to your traffic numbers :-D

RascalEliza1 Premium
Brilliant Roy. Thank you for sharing.
roysinOnline Premium
My pleasure, Mairi.
ChigsGohel Premium
Awesome Roy 😊👍🏼
roysinOnline Premium
Thank you, Chigs :-)

Newme202 Premium Plus
These are awesome Roy
Thank you for sharing
roysinOnline Premium
You are welcome, Simone :-D