How Are You Doing At The Start of Q4-2022?

Last Update: Oct 4, 2022

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Q4 2022 is here. How are you doing so far this year?

Do you ever do an audit of your business building/blogging activities ? I think you should. You would be surprised about what you could discover.

I have audited myself and as a consequence I am taking several steps "back" and starting from scratch with my MMO niche(blogging) website.

Re-booting in Q4 2022

I have taken a "sabbatical" for 9 months of 2022. Now it is time to get into action again. It feels great getting a pause and a "breather" amid chaos and uncertainty.

I have used the time to audit my efforts in affiliate marketing and blogging, and have decided to start more or less from scratch.

My old websites have been taken down except for the first one I built after I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA). It still has a fair amount of traffic and it will not be a big task to pick up where I left off.

As of today 4nth October, I have a new website in the MMO niche live, ready for tons of helpful content

Further, I have blog article topics lined up for the next year to come.

So, at this point my portfolio consists of two live websites, and the focus is on blogging and monetizing my blog in addition to reviving my dead email list.

Do You Study Other Bloggers?

What did I spend my time on the last 9 months?

I spent my most time on family and friends, health and sports. But as one of my favourite hobbies are to dig and find information, I took the opportunity to study hugely successful bloggers.

It was very interesting and quite a revelation, clarification and verification of using blogging as a tool to build an online business.

In a world and a business environment filled to brim with noise and disturbances, the above activity is recommended.

The Community - Important or Just A Timewaster?

Being active in a community of like minded people is essential for reaching goals you have set yourself.

We who use WA to build our business should engage in communities that do affiliate marketing through blogs. One such community is the WA community which is very supportive.

Studying other bloggers can verify what you learn in the training and the live classes that WA provides. It can also give other perspectives on how to develop your website further and what to write about.

I highly recommend finding some bloggers with great success and study what they do. Find some great writers/bloggers community too.

It will help to build your confidence and to develop your blog and business in a good way.

Some Final Words

"The results of your first quarter will dictate your results at the end of the year!" - Cassi of Troy

( Cassi, excuse me if I didn´t quote you correctly word by word. The meaning is still there)

Q4 is in its early stages. With reference to the above quote from a good friend and very successful member on WA, Cassi of Troy, lay your foundations for your business during the next 3 months, to see the fruit of your work in 12 months, then rinse and repeat!

Double down on your writing! It is the writing and your content that will generate your growth personally, professionally and financially.

And if someone tells you that blogging are dead, They live in another dimension.

To Your Success, All of You WArriors!

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Recent Comments


Great to have you back amongst us again Roy, but if we need a break to regroup and reset, then I totally agree with doing so!

Taking an audit of our online business activities is a fantastic plan and one I will most definitely look into doing in the near future my friend!

All the very best with your new website!

Thank you, Nick! It feels great to be back focusing on creating content for my sites and not much more.


That's great my friend... content is King after all!

Happy writing!

Right now, still getting my feet wet with my crochet website (doing great so far), but I need to work on my other two (literature & marketing) and get a few bites

Sounds like you are doing the right thing.

I would suggest continuing to focus on the crochet site and leaving the other two alone for now.

But if you are able to handle the two other sites as well, go for it. Be careful to not take on too much in the beginning. It can overwhelm you before you know it. I am speaking from experience 😊


Great idea. It'd be better for me to focus on what I'm currently passionate about while I study more on the other niches

I think any of us who have been here a while need to take a step back. Thinking about, evaluating, all that sort of thing.
Will be interesting to see the process through your eyes, and see how the ideas form your altered direction with your online business.
Thanks for sharing,

Thank you for reading and the feedback, Sami.

Not quite sure what you mean, but do you think about me sharing in more detail about the road to where I am at the moment or do you think about the process/method/plan follow/use I am using from now and onwards?


When I read about a fellow member deleting and starting fresh with some projects, it is interesting to hear about progress and if they should have just stayed with what they were doing.

Those decisions can be difficult to make. Hearing someone else share how the projects are going can give some guidance to others.


Hi, Roy

Great post!

I’m seeing pretty good growth in my guitar website, but that might be better luck than good management.

I have been trying to build up traffic through Pinterest since my site is fairly graphic intensive, but that has fallen short of my expectations.

On the other hand, I’m getting a fair amount of traffic from FB and I seldom participate there, but that’s obviously where some of my audience is.

Everything is a learning process, which is the part I seem to enjoy most.

Now, this “another dimension” thing is what I find most intriguing of all! 😎

Frank 🎸

Thanks, Frank!

Interesting observations related to where the traffic is coming from, and that Pinterest so far doesn´t favour your graphic efforts on your site.

I enjoy the learning process tremendously. If I could be paid for learning and digging up info, I would be in heaven (almost) 🤓. But then again isn´t that what we do?
Digging up info to publish on our blog and then earn a buck or loads more in affiliate commissions.

I prefer to stay away from "the other dimension" 🛸. It doesn't seem to be a nice place to be 😄

Roy 🚀

I’m the same way, Roy! 👍

BTW, I’d give practically anything to be scientifically involved in an “area-51-type” scenario. 🛸😎

An excellent read, but I don't need the audit or anything else this go around, Roy. Monetarily, this is, by far my worst quarter in business since I started it 31 years ago, but one of the best in productivity in other areas, my friend!


Thanks a bunch, Jeff! So happy that you enjoyed the blog post.

From our daily updates, I think you have a very good overview of how your business is doing.

In terms of productivity and results, and keeping the quote of what Cassi has said I think you are well positioned to see the results of the efforts next year.


You're very welcome, Roy, and thnaks for the vote of confidence, my friend!

Keep succeeding!


Delightful read! And I love the bit about engaging with the community. Do you find it very challenging being in the MMO niche?

Wishing you the very best,

Very glad you enjoyed reading my blog post, Dominic. The community side of what we do is soo incredibly important.

And to answer your question; yes I find it extremely competitive and very easy to fall prey to just copying others instead of being the authentic self we all are.

Have a wonderful day!

I have taken the last 9 months off from my blog and been doing YouTube videos.
My blog still gets traffic but it is time for me to start writing again :-)

I noticed you have been busy with YouTube Lisa! I hope it is going well. As I remember you built a solid foundation on your blog with lots of content.


Oh no, I only took a 4 month Sabbatical this year. I will work on expanding that in the future!

Thanks for sharing Roy!


My pleasure, Mel. I sort of hit the wall around New Years eve and really needed to "come up to the surface for some fresh air".

It feels great to be back and tap into seemingly an endless reservoir of energy.


That's great Roy! It's important to take care of ourselves. :-)


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