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Last Update: July 11, 2021

Sunday is here and it is time to do an evaluation of the week has turned out and the month so far. We are almost halfway through the month of July already.

June and July have been a bit chaotic and very busy. There has been a lot of activity personally, in my daytime job and in my online business.

But all the trends are pointing in one direction, despite being stretched in a lot of directions, and that is upwards.

My email list is steadily growing, my commissions are growing, my business network is growing, my social media reach is growing.

The week that has passed has been in the name of attending a product launch with live demos and training during 3 days.

It has also been a lot of administrative work due to errors in billing and getting tools to work. Not much of productive work like creating blogs and reviews. But I have managed to engage people on Facebook and Messenger.

Nevertheless, On Friday I woke up to this message and summary🤓💥💯 ;

Since really starting to focus on putting all that I have learned at WA into action and being active on social media, (Facebook and Messenger), I have reached in total $381 on one platform alone in 2 months. This is mostly recurring commissions. With the current rate of recurring commissions, The trend line will pass $500 by the end of July.

What I do to get this type of commissions is to engage on social media, point people to my blog, and helping people out in relation to where they have issues and provide possible solutions for them that will actually help them.

I talk about what I do and share info about good training and tools on my Facebook timeline and when people ask me I continue the dialogue in Messenger and points them to products or platforms like WA or free resources elsewhere.

I put everything that WA teaches in its OEC, Bootcamp, and weekly live classes into action.

To be transparent, my blog posts on my MMO website has suffered a bit the last 2 months, due to getting acquainted on another similar platform as WA and being engaged with people on Facebook and Messenger. The day has only 24 hours, and I am only one person.

Now it is time to consolidate what I have learned the last 2 months and put some new software tools and skills into good use to leverage my results even more., including posting frequently again on my website.

I have not yet actively promoted WA as I originally started out with 2 following niches, the pets niche, and the coffee & beer niche. Now is also the time to start to promote WA as well in my MMO niche and start to generate commissions from referrals to WA as a consequence.

How are my results compared to my plans as I started out the year?

I started out in 2021 with high ambitions related to commissions. I have failed in this area, with respect to time. I am 4 months behind my written plan.

With respect to my blog posts on my website, I have also failed, and I am way behind because I have let my focus divert a bit too much.

With respect to my reach on social media, my websites and my business network, I have surpassed all of my goals for the 6 first months of 2021.

All in all, the rest of July are looking promising as well as the rest of the year. The important part is to stay focused and consistent.

My focus for the rest of the year is to continue to engage, assist and help people in every way I can on WA, on social media (Facebook and Messenger are my preferred platforms), on my websites, and YouTube is also a part of the next 6 months.

Work on your business a little bit every day!

I am off to work on the draft of the next article for my MMO sites.

Wishing you a great Sunday,

Never Stop Learning and Reach For The Skies🚀😊

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zedingrove Premium
Didn't know where to put this so someone should pick up on it from here.
If you are going to reply to a comment using a mobile phone and after a bit you have forgotten the main content and need to go to another page, so you use the recent button on your phone have a quick look without completely navigating away from your current page, then go back into it only to discover that your comment has gone. This is because for some strange reason WA refreshes the page each and every time you enter. This should not happen what is even more interesting is that on returning to the comment page you are directed to exactly where you left off without your comment. This is quite common amongst community pages and is an easy fix
roysinOnline Premium
Hi Zedingrove, I suggest that you copy what you have written in my thread and post it on your own blog roll. See attached screen captures

If you wonder about how to do something on the WA platform, like how to post something, click on "Help" in the top menu bar and post your question there.

It is not good practice to put a post like this into someone's thread about a totally different topic.

wishing you a good weekend :-)

Patricia155 Premium
Congratulations Roy on your success 🙌.
I notice that you made mention of some of the challenges that you faced which prevented you from attaining some of your goals.

As a newbie in affiliate marketing what are some of the tips that you would like to share? What advise would you give to manage expectations?

roysinOnline Premium
Hi, Patricia.

The only real challenge has been of my own making. I have diverted some from my set course at the beginning of the year.

I fI had followed my written plan strictly, I would have been fully in line with all but the revenue.

With revenue, you never know in the beginning. But in relation to building my email list and the number of blogs published, I would have been exactly according to plan.

I think it would be proper t share an updated 6 moths progress status with lessons learned. So I will create a blog post with the suggested topic from you. Look out for it.

Firstly; set your goals and your why for starting out with affiliate marketing.
Take time to do this fairly quickly after you start. if you don´t do that, you will have set yourself up for not succeeding.

It is crucial to known this from the start.

Make yourself accountable for your goals and tasks, write them down, and re-visit them at least once a week to see how you are doing.

Make a plan for how you are going to work, in the plan block off time every day, and write down what you shall do within the time you have set aside for your marketing tasks.

Don´t focus on money or revenue, but rather focus on gaining knowledge and competence in digital marketing, thus working through OEC training and then WA Bootcamp.

Make sure you et aside a bit of mindset training every day, and do your stuff. Do not compare yourself with others, but rather use others experiences to help you on your own path. And if people start telling you that you cannot do this, do not listen to them and continue working on your reaching your goals.

Be aware that there will be negative reviews and critiques for promoting Wealthy Affiliate as there is for other affiliate platforms. Make up your own opinion of WA.

Expect obstacles and challenges, if your goals or targets are not met at the time you have planned for it, don´t worry. Adjust your plan and identify what delayed you.

Expectations are good, but be prepared to be disappointed at certain times on your journey., and do not let the expectations rule your journey. Let your written plan and daily tasks rule your journey.

Finally, even if it is your journey and your online business, you are not alone. You have all of the WA community here to support you. Ask and share, and do the same thing on any other platform you might be a member of.

Some more advice: focus on one or a maximum of two platforms/affiliate programs in the beginning and promote their products and services. When you see that you have established a constant recurring revenue, expand with another affiliate program. It is very easy to spread yourself thin.

I could go on forever here, but I hope you have got something of use in my response.

I recommend you to read this article as well written by Hilde, a fellow WA member and good friend of mine. The article relates well to your question: wishing you the best of luck on your journey!

Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Roy,

I hope you're doing well, it looks like you are! As always, it's a pleasure and encouragement to read your blog posts.

It's great that things are happening and great that the commissions are coming in. I know that you have been focusing hard on your Internet business as well as working full-time.

I think we are probably in a similar boat! I've been working online part-time for quite a few years, however, I have always had an offline business. I know what it's like to be working full-time and trying to grow your online business.

The great thing is that all your actions are gradually growing your commissions and networks et cetera. It looks like your hard work is paying off, fantastic news!

Have a great day,

roysinOnline Premium
Highly appreciate your kind words of encouragement, Roy. It has been a very bumpy ride the last 12 months, and I must admit that there has been days where motivation has failed me completely.

But thankfully I had the discipline to do something in those dark periods. Checking in with WA frequently has helped me to pull through it.

Have an awesome day too, Roy :-)
Roybretton Premium Plus
Thank you for your reply, Roy, as always it's appreciated.

I do believe that many people face challenges in their business Roy, I know I do and there are days when motivation is slow!

I believe that anyone who is in business often has a bumpy ride and makes many mistakes! However, successful people learn to carry on and keep pushing through and we have two try and do this. It definitely looks like you are Roy!

Just regarding motivation and I think we've touched on this subject before. I like to get an early start in the morning with no interruptions as I can achieve quite a lot. However, if I have a late start and have too many interruptions, I seem to lose that motivation and that flow, which isn't good. I really don't like wasting time but I like to be working with that kind of smooth flow!

I heard a professional successful guru talking and he said something like "when we get distracted by the telephone or someone coming into our quiet space". It can take about 22 minutes to get back to where we were before. I can very much relate to this as it's too easy to lose that flow!

Have a great evening,

etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Roy,

That’s great to hear about your progress.

Even though you’ve had some ups and downs, you still manage to improve and consistently work on your business. It’s easy to get distracted and stirred away from our priorities.

I’m with you on working little by little each day on our businesses (& staying consistent). It’s how we move one step-forward to success.

Thanks for sharing- keep it going!


roysinOnline Premium
Hi, Eric :-)Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. It can be, and in fact, has been a very bumpy ride since last year. But all of it is starting to bear fruit on a consistent basis,, which is a huge motivator to keep pushing.
TonyRoberge1 Premium
Congrats on your commissions earned.
roysinOnline Premium
Thanks, Tony. It is good to see the fruit of the work I have put in continues to bear fruit😃