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First of all let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a very prosperous and successful New Year. I would like to thank everyone of you who has responded to my questions, blog posts etc, it really is appreciated. We are all part of a great and very positive community.I can't believe how quickly time goes, another Christmas is already here in some parts of the world! Let us be thankful for another year.I normally start the day by reading Christian devotionals, I fi
It looks like YouTube has made some changes on how we edit our videos.I have just uploaded a video to one of my YouTube channels and I noticed the edit button has disappeared and been replaced by the subscribe button! There used to be two blue buttons near the now subscribe button that I believe said, "edit video" and "analytics" So it looks like I can now subscribe to my own channel, I'm not quite sure why I want to do this!?Has anyone else experienced this change? I checked another YouTube ch
Today, this short blog post is about site content and are you using it? In the early days site content didn't seem to work particularly well for me, however, as time has gone on site content seems to have got better! I normally type into a Word document and then paste into site content as this seems to work better for me.One of the reasons that I like site content is the fact that it gives me a few facts and figures. Even when I was extremely busy with my off-line business and wasn't able to wr
I just wondered if anyone had any issues with the Wealthy Affiliate landing pages? When I click on the landing page link, rather than going to the Wealthy Affiliate landing page, it takes me to the homepage. This isn't happy every time, but it's happening most of the time at the moment.It's not ideal if someone is trying to sign up through an affiliate link!I actually use domain forwarding, so rather than potential customers ending up on the signup page they end up on the homepage of Wealthy Af
I've been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking probably for 10 years plus now, I think I'm on my fourth or fifth different version now. In case you don't know what Dragon NaturallySpeaking is, it is speech software that types for you! It's not cheap, but it definitely helps me as I cannot type particular quickly. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 is the best version that I have used, so far!I know that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is far from perfect and it can be frustrating at times. Just over the last few w
Recently eye asked day question about if I could find all the questions ever asked on Wealthy Affiliate in one place. You can see my question below. only just realised this morning that if I go to the Wealthy Affiliate homepage and scroll down beyond today's top 10 blog posts, we come to the questions. Although this isn't quite true, I knew that the latest questions are on the
Is Your Social Media Campaign Really Effective?I was just wondering how effective Wealthy Affiliate members really find their social media efforts?Several years ago, I joined a Twitter expert who offered one-to-one coaching, regarding Twitter training, it wasn’t expensive. I believe the coaching offered me three months to ask as many questions as I wanted regarding Twitter via email or telephone. And two face-to-face meet ups. I learnt a lot in those three months.This acquaintance was a T
First of all, this is my 100th blog post, which as an average comes out at approximately 20 blog posts per year, on the basis that I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for almost 5 years!I've been listening to Jay's last four webinars regarding Instagram. I've actually been listening to them rather than watching as this is something I can do when I am working my off-line business.Instagram is a platform that I haven't really used or particularly understand. I use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but
I was just wondering how many people use grammarly professional and if it's worth the upgrade fee? I use the free version of Grammarly and it doesn't get everything right by a long way and in some ways I can understand this as I'm sure the professional version isn't perfect.I believe the paid version of Grammarly has much more functionality and I just wondered what people's personal experience was with Grammarly professional and if it really is worth the upgrade fee?Have a good weekend and than
Just a short blog post today!I recently had a message from a wealthy affiliate member that just said "please unfollow me" which I respectfully carried out their wishes!I have no idea why someone would not want to follow another Wealthy Affiliate member and also vice versa!I normally try and follow a few new people every day, I don't get the chance to look at everyone's profiles, but I like to try and read as many profiles as possible as I find it highly interesting reading about other people's