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I thought I would write this blog post as I think far too many people are giving up their online business far too quickly. I was also inspired to write this blog post after reading Roope's latest post, you can see the post below. don't know why, but for some reason people seem to think that an online business is a quick way to make money and to get rich quick. The good news is that you can make money and potentially a lot of money. H
I have been reasonably active here on Wealthy Affiliate for the past few weeks. Something that amazes me is the amount of people that appear to be running their online business using a smart phone! To be fair, I can't think of anything much worse than using a smart phone to run an online business!I must admit I'm not a fan of smart phones, I know they have a uses, but I find they can be very distracting and time consuming. For a man's hands they are very fiddly, or is it just me being clumsy!?
I was inspired to write this blog post after reading Dale's excellent blog post, you can see Dale's blog post below. believe that we live in a great time, despite all the problems going on in the world. The Internet has really opened up absolutely massive opportunities for the businessman.People often talk about the good old days, I'm not quite so sure if they were as good as they make out! We certainly have far more o
If you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional you may have discovered that the Google Chrome web extension is no longer available at the present time. Apparently, it is being updated, I have no idea why Nuance took the extension down before replacing it with a newer version!I recently purchased a new desktop, so I wanted to install it on my new computer. When I went to the link to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking chrome extension, I received a 404 message. When I contacted Dragon Suppo
I recently purchased a Dell Precision Desktop, complete with two monitors! It was something that I've been researching for some time and finally purchased a high specification Dell Precision desktop. I had been looking at purchasing a Dell XPS desktop but then I found that I could purchase a Dell Precision desktop from Dell's outlet store for similar money!I have titled my blog post "My Ornamental Desktop And Monitors" due to the fact that the system crashed after a couple of hours and I ended
I was thinking the other day, how many people actually follow through at Wealthy Affiliate and become successful? First of all, do not give up!I believe that there are about 1.5 million members at Wealthy Affiliate, which really is quite astounding! I appreciate that not all these members are active, however, quite a few are.Every day I see new premium members who have joined this great platform, they are full of ambition, excitement and want to have a successful online business. However, how m
This is just a short post, regarding Parler or Twitter. Parler is very new to me, I've actually just created an account. According to Wikipedia, Parler was introduced in August 2018 and is supposed to be a social media network for unbiased free speech. Many people go to Parler if they have been banned from Twitter. For your interest I have not been banned from Twitter!I am not a particular fan of social networks as they can be exceptionally time-consuming and a very easy way to waste a lot of t
I recently purchased a new Dell Precision desktop computer. Unfortunately, for some reason the system totally crashed and I had to reinstall Windows completely and start afresh, something that I have never done before.It appears that Dell has a telephone support team in the Philippines who are reasonably helpful, although it's difficult to understand their accent at times! I was guided through the process of installing Windows and I thought all was well, however, there was an issue.I subscribe
I have just purchased a Dell Precision desktop with two monitors, this is something that I had been planning to do for the last couple of years but it didn't actually happen! I managed to find a Dell Precision workstation on the Dell outlet site at a sensible price. Originally, I was going to purchase a Dell XPS desktop but the Precision desktop came out at a better price and a much better specification.I had never used two monitors, however, it is something that I always thought would be a goo
Every day I see new people joining Wealthy Affiliate, which is great. The fact that you have actually made the effort to join this great platform means that you are taking a step too change your life.One of the biggest questions or remarks that I see is people being overwhelmed by all the training. I remember back in 2004 when I first started researching Internet marketing not knowing the first thing about websites or making money online. I had no idea what a URL was, a domain name, hosting, et