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Tomorrow I'm leaving for a week's stay on an island in the Swedish archipelago with my daughter and my "boyfriend" (I'm 54 and he's 61 so it feels weird using the terms boy and girl, but what the heck, we love each other, that's all that matters). Lovely of course, we're gonna have a nice week together, my sons will visit as well, we will go for walks and (hopefully) sunbathe and swim. But what about the frustration then?There's no internet available!! Aaaarrrggghhh! I won't be able to read blog
June 26, 2015
Holy smoke, I just checked my site that I created two days ago, and that I have done absolutely nothing to promote online yet, and it's actually already indexed! Can't tell you how good that makes me feel, and how encouraged. Now all I wanna do with my time is fill it with great content, actually promote it, add affiliate links and see how it all turns out.Please, please all of you, take action, do the training that is available here on WA, and do not hesitate to ask questions. I am more than ha
It's been four days since I went back to the WA and renewed my premium membership. and I'm so well on my way! I've been able to spend quite a few hours working, and I've gone through all the training inLevel 1, AND I've created my first site which I'm very pleased with. Still a lot of work to be done on it, as I intend to add a lot of content to it, but it's so fun! After this week I won't be able to spend so much time on it, but I fell I've got a jump start.To all of you wonderful people here a
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June 22, 2015
I wrote my former blog post... wow, can that be true?? SIX YEARS ago!! The first thing I react to is that I considered my website to be not successful since it had been up for a month and no sale yet. A month? But honey, that's nothing! Just work ahead! I did actually make a sale later on, but the second one took so long, and I... I DID QUIT! That's the one thing you can NOT do if you want to succeed. So, this time, I will never ever quit, and I will learn and work and learn again and work some
May 26, 2009
Okey, so here I am! I've been at this internet marketing business since February, and not doing all that great yet I'm afraid. But I am determined to succeed, and therefore I have not given up. I try to keep in mind, be stubborn, but don't continue doing things that will not work. "Kill your darlings" you know? I'm afraid my precious site Organic Garden Tips may be one of those, it has only generated one (1) sell as of today. And it's been up and alive for at least a month... Time to go studying