Why Do I Seem To Refer The Ones That Don’t Even Set Up Profile?

Last Update: April 12, 2020

This is a quick post because I am on my phone and its not easy composing a post on this thing.

OK, so I have referred several people to WA through my SAC website, but for some reason none seem to even set up their accounts.

Makes me wonder, what I am I doing wrong?

Anyway, the last week has been quite frustrating for me, and to be honest my motivation has gone down.

I started by being logged out of my WA account, luckily I am now able to login but not through the WA emails.

I always logged into WA by clicking the links in the emails we get from WA( the notification emails)

As soon as I click the link, I used to be automatically logged into my WA account, that doesn’t work anymore.

I have to login afresh each time, and even after login I still get logged off.

So this has caused me concerns, and I did contact the site support and even contacted Carson directly, because I was also getting pop up messages telling me to choose membership by changing from annual membership to monthly.

I did not hear back from Carson but the pop up messages have stopped now, but I am still being logged out of my WA account.

I am ashamed to admit that I am the kind of person who freaks out quite easily, so all this has killed my motivation a little bit. I have two posts that I need to finish, but I tried to write yesterday and I couldn’t finish the posts.

Anyway, I hope everything will go back to normal soon, so I can continue building my online business.

I also hope I will be able to refer people who are really interested in learning this business.

I am very sure that I am not miss representing WA, in my articles on my SAC site, I make it very clear that WA is not a get rich quick type of program.

And I do explain in detail how WA works, you would think that I would be able to refer people who want to learn Affiliate marketing.

Anyway, thank you for reading and if I may be a little selfish, I need some encouragement please.

Thank you for your time.


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JeannineC Premium
How are you presenting the process? Are you saying its so easy, doesn't take any time and you can make a ton of money with little work?

Those are the people who are looking to make a million dollars online overnight with barely having to do anything. Those may be the people who are reading your posts. See if that's who you are writing for.

I do say that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a handsome prince, so be patient as well. The numbers you are experiencing are not uncommon.

Here's one other idea. Consider doing a site on something else, then doing a site on affiliate marketing and WA after you've become a successful affiliate. Your writing will be quite different then, because it will be from experience rather than from studying. Huge difference.

Just some thoughts. Don't give up, hang in there. This is never a business of overnight success, so be patient and persistent. That's most important.
Roseblogger Premium
My Affiliate site is not my first site, When I joined WA in 2018 I created a natural skincare website, which I just changed the domain because I did not like the domain I chose back then. And that is what I was working on before joining the Super Affiliate Challenge. I do have two other small sites That I work on when I want to write about something else.
JeannineC Premium
Then you are in the "kissing frogs" situation. Honestly, I'll see a couple hundred publishers join our network every day. They all have great dreams, but only a handful do the work to make that a reality. I bet if others shared their stats, you're having consistent results. Hang in there!
BruceStephen Premium
Hi Rose it can be quite frustrating when you get a problem that you battle to get fixed. Your doing the right thing reaching out to people and site support.

Believe me it will be fixed and you will probably find it is an easy fix once you are shown how to. Once it is fixed you will always remember the answer if it ever happens again.

Unfortunately I do not know the fix but, I am willing to bet that somebody at WA will have it sorted out for you shortly.

Until then just keep your chin up.
Regards Bruce
Roseblogger Premium
Thank you so much, Bruce.
GauravGaur Premium
Hi, Rose.
I take it the other way. My understanding is :

1. Affiliate (internet) marketing is not for everyone as all the fingers are never the same.
2. Never follow my first point and approach to each and everyone and by all methods ( Social Platform/Relatives/our website). The reason is - not everyone understands the importance of WA.
3. When we become successful and have our own success story, a major part of these contacts will follow us ( refer the legendry Jerry Huang of WA), so they are not waste.
4. Do not share everything in your first introduction mail. Create curiosity. (Refer the approach of legendry RoopeKiuttu of WA). Treat all your prospects as your first date, confidence builds slowly.
5. Last Point – Concentrate and concentrate on Quality Content. A lot of content. Slowly it will work as a magnet for our business.

Hope, these 5 points will help a bit. All the best success.
Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur
Twack Premium
All of mine are the same Rose, so you are not alone and judging by some of the comments, we're in the same boat as plenty of others.
Worth remembering that we are the ones that did sign up, so it's more difficult for us to see why others would not.
I'm sure you have, but is it worth checking the 'auto-login' feature in your account settings ?
Roseblogger Premium
I have checked, it's on.
Twack Premium
Boo, that would have been a nice 'fix'. Apart from doing a cache clean and a system clean (Using Ccleaner or something similar) I have nothing else to offer, apart from a happy face to cheer you up. 😊
Roseblogger Premium
Do you think I should use the hand sanitizer to clean my phone and my computer? lol I mean I have done all the other kind of clean up I can think of.
Twack Premium
At least you still have your sense of humour.
Roseblogger Premium
Lol yeah
Babou3 Premium
I think some people have signed up to see what it was and will start their journey a lot later. While others will end up unsubscribing because they are ultimately not interested. This is how the world goes, some people get involved, others do not dare right away and others leave. You have nothing to do with this situation, we cannot force a person to move forward and we cannot do it for them, it is their decision in the end.

Roseblogger Premium
Very true indeed.