Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate And Not Other Training Programs?

Last Update: September 13, 2019

Why choose Wealthy Affiliate? this is a question I got the other day and I had a long list of things to say but, I really tried to make it as simple and as clear as possible when I answered it.

If you had asked me this question when I first statrted here at Wealthy Affiliate, I won't have had the comprehensive answer because I had just joined and I was not even sure if this platform is the right one for me.

But now, I have the answers.

To be honest most people who join this platform myself included, are looking for a way to make money online, although there are those who join maybe because they want to have a blog and share their ideas with the world or those who already have offline businesses and they want to have websites so they can promote their businesses online.

There Are So Many Programs Out There

Now there are bunches of training programs out there and they all promise success and in a short time too, so why choose wealthy affiliate, what makes wealthy affiliate the better program than the others?

Keeping in mind that Wealthy affiliate does not promise quick success, and also Wealthy Affiliate does not promise that you will achieve that success without putting effort, as a matter of fact Wealthy Affiliate promises you just the opposite.

You are told right from the start that you are going to put in a lot of work and you will probably not see much result for the first couple of months.

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate When You Could Join The Get Rich Quick Type Of Programs?

When I first joined Wealthy affiliate, I was very surprised to hear this because all the programs I was involved in before finding Wealthy affiliate promised me that I will not have to do much yet I will have massive success online.

So when I read my welcome messages on my profile, I was very surprised by the approach Wealthy Affiliate took in terms of their strategy, in fact I was thinking mmmh this is strange, One thing I noticed was that instead of getting pop ups with expensive cars and private jets and yachts that could be mine if I just click the upgrade button.

I got messages of encouragement and suggestions on my profile, and this was not something that I was used to seeing in websites and especially training websites.

Then when I got messages from one of the owners of Wealthy affiliate I was like OK, so is this real? like are you telling me that the owner of the program is actually communicating with me?

I Could't Help But Notice Just How Privileged We Are

I recently reviewed a training program on my website and even though the program is legit and people have learned affiliate marketing with that program, when I checked out the program, I couldn't help but notice just how lucky and privileged we are here at Wealthy Affiliate.

The fact that I can send a private message to Kyle or Carson right now, and I would get response is mind blowing. The fact that I can contact site support right now and I will get response straight away is amaizing.

Did you know that other programs out there you don't even get to know who owns the program? and even if you get to know who owns the program, the chances of you being able to contact the owner and get response from him/her personally are very slim.

The reason why I know this is that I contacted owner of a program and instead I got a reply from someone else, now, even though my questions were answered, I wanted them to be answered by the owner.

Now I understand that Wealthy Affiliate prides itself of the wonderful community that we have here which I am super honored to be a part of by the way. I know that one might feel that they don't have to answer questions from new members or welcome new members.

I mean you have paid your premium membership so why should you sacrifice 10 minutes or 15 minutes of your time answering questions? I think the pay it forward stratergy is genius, because it also gives practice on how to interact with your own audience when answering questions.

Because most of the questions asked by new members here at Wealthy Affiliate, are very much similar to the questions you get on your website especially if you are in the make money online niche.

Wealthy Affiliate Community Is Special And Powerful

I choose to see it this way, if Kyle and Carson were to employ people to answer all those questions, and prevent members from interacting within Wealthy Affiliate, this community will not be the same, because we will not be able to connect and learn from each other.

So I think one of the things that set this program apart from all the rest is the power of the people.

Now I know we all come from different parts of the world and I know that dealing with all these people who have different ideas and insights about different issues, is not an easy task and I commend Kyle and Carson and all the engineers who work tirelessly to keep things in order around here.

Another thing I noticed when I was doing my research for my content on my website, is how spamy other platforms are and that makes me appreciate the anti-spam policy here in Wealthy affiliate, to be honest its terrible when you go to a platform and you don't even want to stay there 5 minutes because of the spam.

What I Have Learned About Wealthy Affiliate Members On YouTube

The next thing I have learned and this I learned from YouTube, I have watched many Wealthy Affiliate members Channels and they are so different to other Affiliate marketing channels that I have seen and I am not being biased, I am stating the facts.

The level of professionalism portrayed by Wealthy Affiliate members on YouTube is unsurpassed, even when they are dealing with situations that are not very pleasant in comment section which reflects on the kind of training they have received here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Even without checking I can tell based on presentation whether the person talking about affiliate marketing on YouTube is a member of Wealthy affiliate or not. The first thing I notice is that even when sharing their success, they don't come across as in your face or bragging kind of way.


So to answer the title of my post, why choose Wealthy Affiliate? well, great and professional training that will take you to the highest level in affiliate marketing, interact with other members with no spam in your feed, talk to the owners directly, strong and active support team that is there to sort out your websites when you run into trouble.

I know there are many new members who are debating whether they should upgrade to premium or not, I know this because I was there, and because most people who come to platforms like these are people who have rubbed shoulders with the type of programs I mentioned earlier, the kind that flash their cars and jets in your face.

Now let me give you a word of encouragement, wealthy Affiliate is not that kind of program, and I think this program is going to rule the affiliate marketing industry for many years to come because they have great strategies in place.

I can't wait to see how everything will progress as we move on.

I am just so happy and honored to be a part of all this and I am glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate when I did, my only regret is that I didn't find it sooner.

Thank you for your time and please share your thoughts below. Why did you choose Wealthy Affiliate?


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Kghosh Premium
Hi Ropesa!
I totally agree with you. You have created a masterpiece of representation. During last two years, I tried 3/4 such training courses and the results were 100℅ similar to what you described.
After I signed up with WA , I watched the activities here and on 5th day I decided to upgrade thinking that it was truly dissimilar to other training websites and interacting with the friends in the community, I was convinced that it was the right place to learn and achieve something.
I have no doubt now that this is the only place where one can learn
the technique to earn money on line and moreover, once joined , one cannot leave WA unless otherwise compelled by most unavoidable circumstances.
I personally would like to invite all aspirants who have a desire to learn making money on line to join WA without any hesitation. Please, come, learn and earn.
Hi Ropesa! I have been seriously trying to learn here. Please help me whenever I am stuck.
Thanks and regards,
Roseblogger Premium
Yes, and I am still waiting for your private message so I can look at your website I forgot what your website is called.
kimwolfe Premium
LOVE this post, Rose! Thanks so much for sharing :)

I chose Wealthy Affiliate two years because of the exact reasons you mentioned!

I really like the action-based training steps (to actually walk me through and really show me how) to build out my affiliate website. But the added "community" element was over the top because I was instantly connected with like-minded people for help, encouragement, and support.

I've bought several of these "other" training programs and unfortunately, they are just that - training programs! Most programs try to give you the support factor by having you sign up to a FB group. So then, I have to train in one place, connect in another place and then leverage tools in a totally different place?

That's what is really interesting about Wealthy Affiliate. You get affiliate marketing training, tools and community support all in one place. And because of the community here, there's training on every topic you can possibly think of and more training than we'll ever really be able to complete in our lifetime :)
Roseblogger Premium
Oh yeah I forgot to mention in my post about not needing to join some secret groups on Facebook, I can assure you that won't have worked for me, because me and Facebook are not friends lol
kimwolfe Premium
KathleenF1 Premium Plus
When Wealthy Affiliate came across my computer, small bells went off in my intuitive self. I had gotten myself in one of those terribly expensive, no contact with any support kind of programs...promised to teach me how to niche market...but not one word of the first step - the website!!
I wasn't prepared to get into a new program but when I looked at WA...I jumped onto the ship and have been sailing new and uncharted waters every since.
WA is totally different. What a blessing it has become in my life. Interactive learning. See and do. Completely doable for the untrained. Confidence gained, skills increased 1000 times...
Roseblogger Premium
I absolutely agree with you a 1000 times :)
edhozubin Premium
Ropesa - That is a wonderful post for people thinking about coming on board and answers many of the questions that they may have. Keep up the good work.
Roseblogger Premium
Thank you for reading and for your comment.
JohnFIII Premium
Thanks for the great post, Rose. What you said is very true. This is a great place to be. I choose WA by accident. I wasn't even looking into affiliate marketing.

I didn't even know what that term meant. But once I saw their site, I started to do research on it and affiliate marketing.

I signed up and I am happy that I did.
Roseblogger Premium
It's funny you say that you found WA by accident because when I found WA, I was not even looking for such a thing lol I was very angry at affiliate marketing training programs at that time.