Take Advantage Of Pinterest New Update To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Last Update: March 27, 2020

Just a quick note to let you know that Pinterest is now favoring new content over old content, I just posted a new pin about 5 hours ago and it already has over 2k impressions and 50 clicks. It seems like the recent update they did, has something to do with this.

Before the update, there were pins that were over 2 years old and they were still ranking high, but now from what I see, new pins are getting some love, lots of love actually. And the old pins are being knocked out of the rank.

Bet the bloggers who have been dominating the platform with old pins are not happy, now they have to release fresh content constantly.

You Need To Create Pins Now, Even For Your Old Posts

Go on and create a pin even for your old posts, create at least 4 to 6 pins and schedule them to be published in intervals. Check out my profile you will find some really helpful tutorials, (if I may say so myself lol)

On how to create pins, how to claim your websites and many more.

This is the time to take advantage of Pinterest and drive lots of free organic traffic to your website. Remember to always use your keyword on the title of your pin, the description and also on the hashtags.

Pinterest, Will Show You Some Love Even If You Are A Beginner

Pinterest is the only platform that favors new bloggers, you could create a website today, claim it on Pinterst write an article, then create an amazing pin for it, and it will rank, as long as you use your keywords wisely.

I mean the platform even gives you suggestions on the keywords that people are using to search for your topic. And they even send you the trending topics so you can target those topics in your content.

OK, I know lately they have gone on ads' mode and they keep suggesting that you promote your pin, but even without promoting your pin, you are still able to drive traffic to your website.

Honestly, if you are not using Pinterest, you are loosing out big time, especially if you are in the top 15 best performing niches on Pinterst which are.

Here Is A List Of Top 15 Niches That Are Popular On Pinterest

Home Decor

Kids, and parenting

Fashion both men, and women


Quick recipes(cooking)

Blogging (giving blogging tips)

Weight loss and fitness

DIY skincare recipes

Beauty And makeup

Pets (dogs, cats, and other pets)

Travel(I know this one is not performing so well at the moment but things will get Better, and its very popular on Pinterest)



Celebrity gossip

Quotes, and humor

There are other niches that I have not mentioned, like technology, yoga, and spiritual niches, like crystals, and the power of attraction, those are very popular on Pinterst too. Majority of Pinterest users are women, so niches that would interest women, are very popular on Pinterest.

According to a research conducted in 2019, 75%of Pinterest users identified themselves as female.


Well, I just wanted to do a quick post to give you heads up on what is going on right now on Pinterest, you need to head over to canva.com and create your pin now, this is the time to grow your traffic, besides most people are home now, so you will have many eyes on your pin.

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Alright, I will get back to work now, hope you will find this post helpful

Thank you for your time.


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Debbi26 Premium
Excellent post!!!! Thank you for your insight.

accad Premium
I have to go back to have pins on Pinterest.
Mick18 Premium
That's good to know. I'll definitely be posting some new pins soon. Thanks!
Have a wonderful weekend,
WelcomeMM Premium
Thank you, Rose,this is a timely tip because my goal is to also use pinterest. I will definitely follow your tips and ask for more help and learn from you.

Wishing you all the best.
Roseblogger Premium
You are welcome, Pinterest is amazing.
heidiph1 Premium
I agree! My blog is still in the newer stages (5 months in) but I have been seeing more interactions with my pins lately. I posted a few more yesterday and got some pretty good feedback within a few hours!

Thanks for sharing!
Happy Pinning!

Roseblogger Premium
Yes, Heidi, Pinterest is the place to be if you want to drive free organic traffic to your website. While you are working on attracting traffic from Google and Bing, you should also pay attention to Pinterest.

And actually Pinterest also helps you rank on Google, If your pins are doing well on Pinterest and driving traffic, to your website, it will force Google to also notice you.
heidiph1 Premium
Ah that is good to know! Pinterest and google might work together for my benefit- I like that idea!

Thank you!
Roseblogger Premium
absolutely, When Google sees that people are visiting your website, then your websites will start ranking high, and your posts will start performing well on all the search engines because your authority will start showing.
heidiph1 Premium
I’m going to focus my efforts there then!
Roseblogger Premium
I should also mention that pins do rank in Google too.

So actually If you have a great pin that has received lots of clicks and saves on Pinterest, it can rank on Google too.

Which means people will still find their way to your website even from Google.

I found this out just recently, when I was searching for something on Google, and a Pinterest pin popped up.

I clicked on it and it took me back to Pinterest and from there I went to blog that the pin was linked to.
heidiph1 Premium
Oh awesome! That is very good to know as well!