I Wrote A 3500 Word Article, They Refused To Publish It

Last Update: February 02, 2021

Hey my WA Family, this is just a quick one to share something that happened to me a while back. There is a website and a YouTube channel that I follow, and the topic they cover is something I have gone through.

I watched one of their interviews on YouTube, and there were some questions raised in the interview that I thought I could answer, so I felt encouraged to share my experience.

I contacted the person in charge of the website on Instagram and told her that I was willing to write an article for their website to share my experience because I felt some of the questions raised at their recent interview on YouTube could be answered by my article.

I Asked Her If They Are Interested In My Story

When I contacted her on Instagram, I shared with her the points that I will cover with my article which will include my personal experience. I also told her that I had not shared this story before then, and I would really like to know beforehand if they are really interested because there is no point wasting my time writing the article if they will not publish it.

She assured me that they are very interested. I told her based on my estimate, the article will be between 2500 words to 3,000 words. I did this because I could see on their website they had short articles. She said that I should be as thorough as possible and not to worry about the word count.

So I proceeded to write the article which ended up being 3500 words. Then when I finished I contacted the lady asking her how to submit my finished article.

She Told Me My Article Will Be Published The Following Day

She gave me an email address and told me to submit it in word format, I submitted it and she told me that she has looked at it, and she assured me that the article will be published on their website the following day.

That was in December, we are now in February, she never got back to me and I kept checking their website to see if my article will be there and every time I checked it was not there, yet there were other new articles published.

I felt so angry so I created a Siterubix site and Published the article because I felt that it's not fair for my time to be wasted like that.

I know I could have searched for other websites that cover such topics but I really didn't feel like doing that. Now I have a problem because, I really don't know what to do with that SiteRubix site I created because the topic is rather painful and I don't want to keep creating articles around it.

Maybe They Felt I Was Not Sending The Message Of Faith?

I think they did not publish my article because their website is a religious site and the way I told my story I did not touch on holding on to hope and faith, instead I rather talked about accepting that sometimes things don't always work out how we planned and that is OK too.

That we might not get what we prayed for and it's OK, to move on and find other things that bring us joy. I also stated that I have put that part of my life to rest and I have given up of that dream and I am focusing on other things that are also important in my life.


Well, I just wanted to share this with you guys. If you have suggestion about my SiteRubix website, please feel free to leave me a comment below. Or maybe I could just make it into a freestyle website where I share whatever comes to mind.

Question is will I ever get ranked? The website is already indexed in Google, I have not submitted it to Bing yet.

Anyway, thank you for your time and your comments.


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Dadaz123 Premium
Please accept my sympathy. Churning out a 3,500 word post is no joke. It calls for hard work and diligence.
Maybe, they felt your 3,500 word article was not "churchy" enough for them to use on their platform. I suspect they thought you gave up on God since you decided to do something different.
Whatever their reason for not publishing your post, they should have had the courtesy to let you know and maybe return it to you.
You can use your siterubix as a laboratory to try out ideas before you transfer them to your main sites.
Roseblogger Premium
You are right my article was not churchy I gave facts and stated that its OK to accept that things might not turn out how we hoped. I also gave advice on how to handle someone who is going through a rough time, someone who is experiencing something that you don’t understand, thats its OK to say, I don’t know what to say to ease your pain but I am here for you to listen and to give you a shoulder to cry on.
BrightSales Premium
A good thing about having your own website is that you can post whatever you want without rules. In the end, it's up to the visitors to criticized you writings. With your own website, you are in control of your own contents. Why wait for approval from someone when you are the one who can make that decision? Time to build your own brand and watch it grow. All the best!
Roseblogger Premium
I have other websites, it was not my intention to build a website around that particular topic but we shall see, I have a few great ideas from these comments so thank you guys.
Aussiemuso Premium
That wasn't a pleasant experience Ropesa.
I think you should use your new site to vent, just for yourself.

Lily 😊🥰
Roseblogger Premium
Vent site, I love it 🥰 thank you Lily
FKelso Premium
You can always use your site for a test site.

So sorry to hear that happened to you, after all the work. I would not be pleased, either.
Roseblogger Premium
Very great idea indeed thank you 🙏🏽
EdwinBernard Premium
Sorry to hear about your article being sidelined. However, I noticed some red flags in the discussion you had with the website representative.

Although they had strict guidelines they were willing to give you a lot of latitude with respect to the content and the word count. It was like you were falling into a trap. At the very least, they should have said a review would be necessary before your article would be published. Instead they said they were going to publish it sight unseen. Another red flag.

I wish they gave you guidance on the metrics they use to approve articles. If that occurred I feel you would have had a greater chance of success. Instead they gave the impression that whatever you wrote based on your discussion with them would be acceptable to publish.

Treat this as a lesson learned. As the saying goes, no good dead goes unpunished.

Perhaps you could convert your siterubix site into a place to help others with issues with a disclaimer you are not a trained counsellor and that what responses you give are your personal opinions only that should not be construed as professional advice.

Hope this helps. And never give up on your goals.


Roseblogger Premium
Thank you so much Edwin, before writing the article I was back and forth with the lady on Instagram we exchanged many messages me explaining the things I intend to cover with my article she did not tell me that it had to be religious. And besides mine was to share my experience and how I felt through the situation and how it has affected my life, and the decisions I have made moving forward. I was not telling others what to do but I was just sharing how I have dealt with the situation personally.