What is your Wealthy Affiliate Mindset?

Last Update: April 23, 2019

Starting online business. What mindset do you have?

90-95% of people who start an online business give up within 12 months. I have seen this quoted time and time again. Is it true? How can that be possible? Is an online business just another job?

Wealthy Affiliate says?

Wealthy Affiliate tells us that one in 8 starter members become premium and start on their online journey. When you look at this it means that 12.5% of people move forward and 87.5% don’t.

Many of these people will be people wanting to build an online business but are unsure and often think that they will find some easy way to do it. Of course, there are some who join just to see what we are about and then choose to move in a different direction.

I was reading a blog of an ambassador who said that he got 300 starter members, and 27 joined as premium. This seems to follow the same pattern.

Of the 12.5% who do move forward, we often see that some people feel the need to leave and either try their hand at doing things on their own with cheaper hosting or feel that they have learned everything that they can from the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Other ways to make money online

There are other ways to make money online without Wealthy Affiliate like selling goods through Amazon, writing books and having Shopify stores. Wealthy affiliate can’t cover everyone’s requirements.

My WA journey

I joined Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago this month and I am still finding new information. I just keep looking. I admit that I do follow a few YouTube channels to get some added input, but as most channels are all about selling their own product, I do just look for different view points rather than a different education.

Every so often, I see a member who leaves this community, which saddens me because they are one of the 12.5 % who began their journey and will probably not become one of the 5-10% who do make it.

Many of these people leave because they don’t have the funds to safely host their websites or even continue their training elsewhere. I have personally been the victim of a highjacked website, so I do know the risk of not have a quality hosting.

Money means different things to different people. Expenditure or investment.

I was told by someone that I didn’t understand that people had bills to pay and just couldn’t afford the membership fee. As someone who lives way below the poverty line, this is certainly not the case. I simply prioritize my spending.

I rarely spend money on takeaways, I cook from scratch and probably have gone to the movies a half a dozen times in the past ten years – without drinks and popcorn. I am careful of my expenses and ensure I have the funds to continue.

I recently cancelled my husbands’ and my own life insurance and put my health insurance on hold for 6 months, but I paid my Wealthy Affiliate annual fee. This is how important my Wealthy Affiliate membership is to me. It is my investment in my future.

An ongoing adventure.

Over the past couple of months, I have been working on posts and plans for my blogs and started to work through the Super Affiliate challenge from last year. I did not apply this year because I know I won’t have good internet access all the time and could not make a weekly commitment. I was pleased to see that I was able to access the information on this year’s challenge anyway. Thanks Kyle.

I have been handwriting posts and concentrating on learning and writing. I have about 30 posts in draft format ready to update and publish. This has meant that I have not been able to spend a lot of time within the community.

I have been working on social media marketing plans to build and grow so that I can direct followers to my blogs as they improve. Many of my content ideas have come from reading blogs from within Wealthy Affiliate past and present.

I hope I will become of the 5-10% who are successful.

What about you? What are you prepared to do to make it to the top?

Next time you pay your Wealthy Affiliate membership fee, ask yourself – Do I see this an expense or an investment in my future? If it is the latter, are you taking some action everyday to increase your investment potential?

Could a change in mindset make a difference to your future?

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alisterbrede Premium
Thanks for this. Interesting to see the numbers as numbers cannot lie. Only 12.5% go premium and of that only between 5-10% make it. You have been with WA for 2 years. Are you making any money?
RoseAnn1234 Premium
I have made many mistakes with my original blog and am working on rewriting and improving it and my new blog.
It was written as a journal rather than being helpful. I also spammed social media trying to get views. All wrong. I am following the training properly now and redoing the whole lot. A big job but underway.

With regards to WA promoting, only one person became premium for two months then needed to take a break... so not much affiliate money yet. But I am investing in my future.

I do have other offline businesses which I host through WA. My websites have led to sales within my offline businesses. The website which was hacked was for one of those businesses.

I have fingers in a lot of pies.
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
This is a great post, Rosie.
I strongly believe that a positive mindset is essential to success. However, this only applies when we have established our main goal. When we've set our target and tell ourselves we will reach our goal, then success starts to come in.

It's amazing what our mind can do when using it correctly. Keeping confusion out of the equation will bring results and satisfaction.
RoseAnn1234 Premium
I set many goals and I agree with you. Actually doing small steps each day to achieve them makes it seem like no big deal. I do believe that we need to set realistic time frames for our goals as well.
RAFStuart Premium
What a fascinating post. Like you I do not get everything from WA, however since I started the challenge, have discovered an awful lot that I was unaware of. Been yo busy flitting from one idea to the next. hope that now I am learning to concentrate more on the job in hand, After all have been here a year and it really is time that I knuckled down to the job in hand.
RoseAnn1234 Premium
There are certainly many hidden training and information caves within this website. I am continuously finding gems. I have started to bookmark everything.
gurugifts Premium
I think wa should open more exposure to the referral needs as there is time effort n money involved which still has a value according to there needs from person to person according to my experience I still cannot find proper reply to my queries as I have another source of income so I can wait to grow but the same case study wil be diferent to others
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Hi. What enquiries are you having problems with? Have you searched using the search bar. Type in one or two word variations for topics and you will often find many older blogs, training and live events on a lot of subjects not covered in Kyle's formal training.
zafady Premium
You are absolutely right. Money is 90% mind-set.. but there is something a little technical about it. Most people equate money with CURRENCY which will always be scarce.. the other thing is that we all have only 24 hours and what we do with it is what will make a difference. If we focus on our niche and what we can do with it, sooner or later the results will manifest and then multiply. One crucial difference is the sense of community that will keep egging you on to achieve those results and celebrate along with you.

In the next couple of years I would like 10,000 people to read my books and from there I want to launch a social learning network. WA is definitely an investment in that future.

Thanks for posting this..!!!

RoseAnn1234 Premium
I hope you achieve your book goal. Writing books is a goal of mine too.