SAC unofficial challenge

Last Update: May 02, 2019

I did not apply for the SAC as I knew that my time was limited and I could not commit exactly as required. However I had been working through the old challenge and when Kyle posted a blog I bookmarked it and have been working anyway.

One task was to write on here weekly. This is the second such blog recently, the first being a motivational one..

Jobs completed:

a) updated themes to a mobile friendly one that has recently been updated. I had the old Omega.

b) worked on banners and improved asthetics of websites. I have two blogs and one review site for my Make Money Online niche.

c) worked on post outlines - I have about 70 drafts of at least 500 words, some 1000 words or more.

d) fixing my old KerryAnn website. This week updated 4 old posts, improved the sructure and wording, added featured image and excerpt to each, PLUS posted one new one today and got comments. I had considered abandoning this website when I started the Rosie one but instead changed each niche slightly. Now both work in tandem.

e) printed out every existing post so that I can work on improving the quality . Having a hard copy means that I can work even when traveling or away from internet signal.

f) I even managed to spend some time in here answering questions and brought my ranking which had slipped from 31 to over 200 back into the top 100 - without really trying.

g) I have three WA reviews so cheated on this task and looked at and fixing them up rather than doing a fourth review. I found from another blog here that I had made a mistake within my reviews and fixed this up too.

h) I have a list of a couple of hundred keywords to research in Jaxxy but to date only have the list. There are only so many hours in the day.

Still to do.

* 11 more posts to add to websites

* research on keywords to pick the best titles for my posts

* sharing blog posts from WA on social media. Do share my own however.

*be active in chat - time permitting.

*rework level 1 of bootcamp. Headed there now.

Time left - 2 weeks. I expect to make it.

Kerryann (Rosie)

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MElumir Premium
It's hard to maintain rank. especially when you are too busy.

I don't know how to improve this in the other way aside from being active and following other people and answering some questions?
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Rank is simply community activity. The only real benefit is that if you get referrals they will see you are active in the community and gives you some credibility when you rave about the community.
Spartacus2 Premium
Where is the old SAC?
RoseAnn1234 Premium
this is the original course. many tasks in the new course are similar. Kyles post about the updated course is I am not sure if he posted the new challenge to everyone as it is not on his profile so will not link to it so that I don't tread on toes.

However, the above should give you a fair amount of information to get you rolling. The first challenge I found was fabulous in getting my mindset in place and work in place on my site and I got rolling even before this year's challenge was even announced.
Spartacus2 Premium
Awesome thank you so much!
RAFStuart Premium
Rosie, you are doing so well.
Hels04 Premium
Great stuff... I'm sure you will smash it :)
AlanJE Premium Plus
Great progress Kerryann, and good luck with your next week´s work. I will look at Kyle´s blog which you mentioned, as I missed it previously and would be interested to follow SAC Alan