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Hi Everyone, I am KerryAnn (otherwise known as Rosie The Roadie) I spent the past 10 years traveling across Australia, by motor vehicle, retailing a range of products. I have stopped for a while and settled in one place and actually got a job- which I love. It gives me time to work on my blog in the afternoons (which is well overdue).

I had decided to use RoseAnn as a pen name and can't change back so sorry about the confusing name. Never mind.

I lived a fairly hectic lifestyle and could be in Perth one week and Sydney a week or so later, a distance of around 4,000kms (2500 miles). Whilst I love what I did, I got to the point where I wanted to travel more slowly, see more of towns that just the main street, and write about my lifestyle.

Long term, I have the blog of my travels and interests, along with steps and thoughts on my attempts to build an online brand and make money online. I will review the products I have tried, and promote WA.
I have will also look at marketing as a means to promote other products I like, websites, townships whatever I have confidence in promoting.

I have always kept a journal and have heaps of notes I have made over the years both from my research on various subjects and from my own personal life events.

I started my blog and did not treat it as a business and Google and the other search engines pretty well ignored me. When some posts take more than a month to get indexed, something is drastically wrong. I made the mistake of starting a second blog and other websites and it got too much. Scrap that idea - concentrate on fixing the original blog.

Now I am working till lunchtime or early afternoon, and have time to dedicate to my blog and social media. As I re-do my blog fixing all the errors and move forward, my goals will include traveling again with an income from my blog.

Of course, the training in this wonderful website is always helpful and I am reworking all aspects as much as I can. Not much time to contribute to the community but I do pop in from time to time and read blog posts and look at new training. I know if I start 'talking' I won't get much done so please excuse my lack of contributions.

Here's to a whole new life.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
$1000 month to start working up to $5000 month within 12 months
Money I would be ecstatic earning
enough to travel overseas, living a comfortable lifestyle
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
Every spare minute goes to my online businesses. Currently between 2 - 4 hours a day, sometimes up to 10 hours..
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Apr 11, 2017
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RoseAnn1234 Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
$1000 month to start working up to $5000 month within 12 months

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
enough to travel overseas, living a comfortable lifestyle

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
Every spare minute goes to my online businesses. Currently between 2 - 4 hours a day, sometimes up to 10 hours..
divadejunk Premium Plus
Great achievable goals, Kerry. Continue following the lessons, apply what you learn and ask for help from the community if you get stuck. I wish you much success.
Earn1pay2enj Premium
I can relate to your goals. :)
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Thanks for the follow, following you back. Australia is one of the places I want to someday visit. Best of luck on your endeavors, it sounds very exciting to me!
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Hello, thank you for following me. Wish you all the best :)
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Thanks for following RoseAnn. I am following you as well.

Have A Great Day ! Bert
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Hey, Thx for the follow, I am foolowing you back.
Have a great week!
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Hello and welcome to WA. Thanks for the follow. Wishing you much success and prosperity here. I am adding a link to my thought for the day hope you enjoy.