Working, Working, Working-But Of Course!

Last Update: December 15, 2020

There is a pile of papers next to my laptop. I intend to make them all disappear today.

A few have to with the holidays -- letters, a few scribbled notes of things I want to do, and the like -- but most are real work, that is, notes for blog posts or other things to do on my websites.

There is also a huge workbook that recently arrived. It is for learning the software called Affinity Publisher, a nice lower-cost British program rather like InDesign. The Affinity products are much lower priced and don't require continuing payments. I've been looking forward to getting this workbook.

Well, guess I'd better get going. What work is up your sleeve for today or soon?

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RosanaHart Premium Plus
UPDATE NEXT MORNING: Well, it didn't quite go as planned yesterday. The night before our little dog had to go outside around midnight and 4am, and I was the one who woke up and went out with him, It was cold but beautiful, but both times it took me a while to get back to sleep. So I was a bit dull from short sleep. Still, I got half the pile done!
AlexEvans Premium
It is such a good feeling to have that pile of work when we know that we are going to get stuck in get it sorted by being productive.

Best wishes Rosana,

Thanks for sharing Affility never come across that one, and I like the look of it.
JEaston Premium Plus
Nice to know you're getting busy there.
Have a fruitful day, Rosana!

All my best wishes to you and always.
Stay healthy and safe,

Joyce :-)
Debbi26 Premium
I've been busy with more Christmas chores. I keep telling Santa I need a husband to help and I have YET to find him under my tree!!!!! 🤣

Christorv Premium Plus
Good for you Rosana. I was too busy with exams/grading that I just got time to make a few posts here.