Why I Don't Sell Via Clickbank Nowadays

Last Update: January 29, 2021

Some years ago, I sold quite a lot through Clickbank. It was when I lived in Mexico, and I had a website on learning Spanish. I sold some Clickbank items on that subject. I also sold some dog-training items from Clickbank for another site I was doing a lot with.

But over time I realized that these things were high priced compared to the various ebooks and videos other people began doing. You may remember that I used to be a librarian, and that means I really like to provide people with free information.

Or at least low-cost. There are tons of books on Amazon on most subjects, also on other good book websites.

Every now and then someone's link takes me to Clickbank these days, and while I may be interested in their topic, I'm too frugal to go for it. Just the other day, I noticed a site on preparedness that sure looked a lot like a book I have on it... both were about Mormon methods of preparedness,

So do whatever suits you, of course! But I'm unlikely to resume using it.

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Christorv Premium Plus
I see. I am building an affiliate site and will just test the waters out on there so this is pretty good info and the discussions also discloses other options.
Just like you I prefer to provide site visitors free stuff and the best bang out of the amount they spend so I will always seriously be looking at alternatives.

Thanks for the info, Rosana.
JeannineC Premium
Good for you! It's true about the cost - there's a reason those merchants can afford a 75% commission or higher for a digital product; it's because it costs them nothing but they still make something if they charge a high enough price.

You are so right about better, less expensive information being available elsewhere.

And I bet you sleep better at night knowing that you are promoting something worthy of your reader's hard earned money.
Jessiefido Premium
Hi Rosana,

That is very interesting to know. I was looking for some affiliate links to add to my site the other day and a lot of them were through clickbank.

I was seriously considering going down this route, but now I think a bit more research is needed first.

Thanks for sharing your experience and have a great weekend.
FKelso Premium
I don't use clickbank either, except when reviewing companies who are using it. Guess I haven't missed too much.
DCaribbeanQ Premium
Hi Rosana,
Sounds like you have much experience and success in this online world.

I think I need to learn from you.

Candy Benn