why I disapeared and how I got back

Last Update: August 13, 2019

Haven't been around.. My Windows 8.1 laptop has been running slower and slower and is now down to about five percent of normal speed.

At the same time I was helping my husband get ready to display his wood sculptures at an art show in Colorado. He got off okay, had an interesting if not enriching time, and will be home shortly. I kept nursing my laptop along, will take it to our wizard repair guy tomorrow, but i was doing hubby's gmail while he traveled.

Finally I tried my old iPad which is seven years old and so antique I cannot update its operating. System any more.

Bingo! I am back online at a reasonable speed. Whew!

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DCarpenter1 Premium
Hi Rosana, great to see you are back "at a reasonable speed" LOL
Maybe the time is approaching when you need to update Windows.

RosanaHart Premium
You mean learn Windows 10? If I must...
DarrenNicola Premium
Welcome back to WA, all the best
Darren :)
lesabre Premium
Hi Rosana, welcome back. Glad to hear things are up to speed.

Best wishes,
klchang Premium
Welcome back, Rosana.
Happy that you are back online at a reasonable speed.
All the best Rosana and take care.
Ralph619 Premium
i love to be able to do wood sculptures what a talent shows people have hidden skills
RosanaHart Premium
You can see a couple of my husband'spieces. In the blog post about our dogs and skunks.