When a Friend Dies

Last Update: October 18, 2019

His passing had been expected for weeks, but he was tough and he stayed with us longer than most of his friends here in New Mexico expected. He had cancer for months (if not longer), and eventually it spread beyond repair.

So this short post is both homage to poet Stewart Warren and a reminder to all of us that we are here for an unknown amount of time.

He was eight years younger than I am now, and he lived with zest. He wrote a lot, mostly poetry, and he published the work of other poets; all can be found on Amazon.

His life was a wild ride at many times. My favorite story is recent: his girlfriend moved here from another town where she had lived. She moved in with him and his dog. Next thing I knew, they got married at home, with a woman friend who is an Episcopal priest officiating.. That must have been less than a month ago. He had been well enough to go shopping with his fiancee for her ring, at a local gem show.

When I got the news in an email earlier today, I went out to our greenhouse to tell my husband. He told me later that right after I told him, it started raining. Tears from the earth.

Let's all live as fully as we can.

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MikeAdkins Premium
Hi Rosana.
Your late friend sounds like an interesting guy. He also looks super cool and at ease in the image you show. Its so sad when a person with such life in them passes away.
Of course it is just his frame, his body that is passed. His real vigour and zest for life comes from within, that Zest that you talk of is not dead. Your friend moves on and will carry his passions with him.

I am sorry for your loss.
Kind Regards
CordeliaN Premium
Such a moving and beautiful post.
Cancer does not care who it takes down, it doesn’t look at who will be affected once that person has gone. Cancer can affect young and old alike, someone who has lead a healthy life or someone who didn’t, it is a horribly debilitating illness, often the last few months can take every last ounce of dignity and humility.

I am sure everyone reading this post has someone close to them affected by cancer. It is never an easy read as it takes you back to those dark days when someone close suffered the same way your friend did.

I am so sorry and I just hope the passing was as serene as it could be. What a lovely thing for him to have married his girlfriend, I found that really uplifting.

Thank you for sharing. As you say you never know what’s around the corner.
So live life, show people who mean a lot to you that they mean a lot to you... ❤️
RosanaHart Premium
Yes, his passing was quite good. He slept a lot near the end.
FKelso Premium
Boy, is it true -- live life to the fullest while you have it, because you don't know when it will be taken away. You gave a very nice eulogy for your friend.
Joes946 Premium
Beautiful and thoughtful post Rosana.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I'm so sorry or your loss, my friend. Prayers for peace and comfort. 🙏