What to Do? HaHaHa!

Last Update: June 03, 2019

Monday mornings I plan my week.

And the Universe replies,


This has been going on for many years. I don't figure it will stop any time soon.

I don't plan to stop writing my lists (on my computer no less) and moving some items forward week after week. I doubt the Universe will be quitting on me as long as I'm doing these lists.

So what does this hilarious laughter from the Great Spirit mean?

It doesn't mean don't make lists. It doesn't mean my lists are more idiotic than most people's... I've considered the possibility but no, I don't think it means that.

It's close to this proverb:

Trust in God, but tie your camel.

That's a saying attributed to the prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) and carries the meaning that God needs us to be His hands.

I think the laughter I always hear with my inner ear when I wrap up making a nice big list is a reminder that now it's up to me to do what I can and that it absolutely won't look exactly like that list.

Do you hear that laughter too?

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FKelso Premium
The Quakers have one I really like, too: "Pray and move your feet."

I guess we can't sit around and wait on the universe, unless we, too, want to hear that laughter.
GlenPalo Premium
I try making lists and then prioritizing the items. But then I find I spend too much time preparing, and not enough time doing. But, then again, things do not get done that should have been done.

Oh, what to do?!!
RosanaHart Premium
Listen for that laughter!
ElissaBurn Premium
My favorite task notebook says “organized chaos” on it. That is usually how it is for me too lol 😆.
lesabre Premium
Hi Rosanna, thanks for the share. One very powerful voice.
Twack Premium
Just one voice ? That's really not fair.
RosanaHart Premium
That gave me a good belly laugh!

Well yes it normally is ONE voice but it carries a lot of power, or I could say gravitas.