What If Your Computer Conked Out Unexpectedly?

Last Update: May 01, 2020

I'm not trying to scare or threaten you, but a heads-up might be called for. Would there be any dire results if that happened? Any passwords, important emails, or other things you couldn't get to?

This happened to me yesterday afternoon, and it wasn't pretty. I could get to most parts of my laptop but it totally refused to go online. It wasn't our wifi, as my husband's laptop was purring away. Luckily I have an eight-year-old ipad where I sometimes do email, so I was able to check my email, but I couldn't do everything I wanted to. Somewhere in the big pile of papers waiting to be filed I do know that there is a printout of all my passwords, but it might be so out of date as to be pretty useless.

I gave up last night and watched Netflix with Kelly. (Completely off-topic: Married at First Sight is an absorbing reality show with 16 episodes.)

This morning I popped up early and turned my laptop back on. Nope. Nada. Still frustrating. Once a reasonable hour arrived, I called our brilliant, hardworking computer geek, and he said bring it right in.He warned me that if the hospital called he would have to close up shop and go to them, as he is their go-to guy, just as he is mine, and he is in the middle of helping them this week with a lot of things. Luckily that didn't happen.

My husband Kelly kindly drove my laptop over to our geek, and they guy was able to install a temporary fix, a little USB drive that is blinking green as I type. He will have to order something else soon, but I'm a very happy camper to be back online! Backing up is my plan for much of today.

So be warned.

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PMindra Premium
Hi, Rosana.
Nice to hear from you and not so nice that you are having trouble with your laptop.

I have a laptop but I am from the 'desktop nation' and will always be.

Phone technology will eventually let many people down.

We are all learning.

Stay safe during these new times of living.

Paul from Canada.
gnoose Premium
If my desktop computer crashed, I'm pretty well covered as I have 2 laptops and 3 external drives which I back up to on a very regular basis. Links and passwords are backed up as well in the form of hard copy kept in a safe. I'm kind of weird about that stuff.

EdwinBernard Premium
Been there, done that. I usually end up changing the passwords I can't remember. I use the same recovery Email for all.

In your case it looks like the problem in not being able to connect with the internet was hardware related. Hope it all works out. At least you have a temporary fix.

Cheers Rosana.

RosanaHart Premium Plus
Yes, thanks, Edwin, this is a hardware issue for sure.
Oshini Premium
Some time back, I was working at a cafe and accidentally spilt orange juice over my keyboard. One of the other guys helped me to immediately wipe off my keyboard with tissue but he warned me not to turn on the laptop immediately as any juice which had leaked in would burn my internal circuits. I decided to call it a day and took the lap to my known HP service guy. However, I was told that it was already too late - the juice had gone into my motherboard, which he replaced.

When my laptop is not working, even if for a day, I feel so handicapped. I think we have got so used to having everything literally "at our fingertips" - from social life to office work and business to ordering our daily requirements from online supermarkets and other shops.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
So true about feeling handicapped. I found I was wondering if my washing machine was still working. Yeah, I'm 77 but this was not about age, it was how not having my laptop discombobulated my brain!
sdawson Premium
I've had a bad pc crash before and lost lots of files. What I'm doing now is keeping all my files online in my dropbox account. I only load programs on the desktop. If my desktop crashes, then I will need to reload programs but all my files are in the cloud.
Dropbox backs up my files regularly and with them in dropbox I have access to them from desktop/iphone and notebook.

I use out.com for my email so all my emails are online and I can access my email account from desktop/iphone and notebook.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
We have dropbox but I need to mess with the settingS TODAY!
RosanaHart Premium Plus
That link goes to a gay and lesbian magazine but I didn't see a way to do email there, Shirley.