What Are You Teaching Your Children Now, Whatever Age They Are?

Last Update: April 29, 2020

I was thinking the other day that my husband and I are still teaching his daughter things, and she celebrated being 50 years old last year and lives far away. It never ends.

That got me thinking about what we do here in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Some of us don't have kids at home, some of us do, but the values we tend to share here are those of communicating well, treating others with respect, making money doing things that contribute to our world, and similar. Some of us are religious, others are not, but there is a strong common thread of warm-heartedness and connectivity.

I always enjoy it when someone posts about how a child of theirs is doing WA-type things, but I also like it when they post about other ways (music comes to mind) their kids are achieving and growing.

So...what ARE you teaching your children or other family members in these greatly transformational times?

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Makinitwork Premium
Thank for sharing this. Jen
Ahimbe Premium
When I am on this platform, my kids ask if I personally know all the people they see. They are still young to start learning the trade.
Twack Premium
Lately it's been a case of showing them that there are alternative ways to occupy themselves. The one has just begun to plan some teaching videos, so he's very excited at the moment.
Another is now exploring ways to make money online, he has to be at his computer during the day for work, however, as you can imagine, he's not very busy.
BSandlin1 Premium
Thanks for sharing. There is a lot of good and bad situation over the years with our children. More bad than good so I will leave it be and live life to the beat possible.

Again thanks and stay safe.
MarionBlack Premium
My grandchildren live interstate and I'm currently reading Harry Potter books to my youngest granddaughter and three of her friends via Skype. They are learning the joys of reading books.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
With my background as a children's librarian, I love this. (I was also a reference librarian later in my career.)