Putting Our Work and Lives in Context

Last Update: July 17, 2019

Most of the time, I get caught up in little projects. Right now I'm finishing a book and for fun I put up a cat image on facebook that a friend of mine took. Then there's cooking and water aerobics. I could go on. Wimbledon absorbed me last week.

But when I saw this header photo on Pixabay, it brought me up short. Sure, it's not literally accurate but it's quite a sight..

What will our future bring for the planet? Am I using my life and energy for the best? Are you?

May as well toss in my friend's cat image, which he tells me is of a cat who lives in church in Bologna, Italy. He took the photo.

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EdwinBernard Premium
I love these dramatic pics Rosana. Once icebergs and ancient glaciers melt slowly by slowly the ocean waters will rise. The value of Oceanside property will plummet. If they’re even there.

We installed a solar electric system four years ago. Since then we have supplied 94% of our electric energy needs. That’s the equivalent of not burning 1046 gallons of gasoline.

That’s our small contribution towards helping the planet. There is much more scope for the use of renewable energy. Hope more of it is used.

FKelso Premium
Now, that looks like a comfy cat.

It seems like an eternal question, this wondering if we are doing our best. All we can do is try.
Wdcope Premium
Much to think about through photos. I see you have a good balance of things overall.
Palatia Premium
Both are amazing pics. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to remember what's Really important.. our footprint for one. Paula
sdawson Premium
Yeah I do wonder what the future holds for the Land of Lady Liberty.