Our Dogs Meet a Skunk at a Bad Time

Last Update: August 01, 2019

My husband and I are very busy getting ready for an open house in a couple of days. It's to display his wood sculpture art here at home before he takes it to Colorado for a juried show called Art in the Park. The picture above is one of his pieces. Well, he got up extra early yesterday and let the dogs out at first light. I was up too and when I opened the back door for some fresh air, our dog Lilly was barking like a maniac and I smelled skunk. Considering how little I was wearing and the visibility to the neighborhood, I hollered for Kelly.

Lilly was dashing under our motorhome and then running out. Kelly managed to get her. She's a short-haired dog. Our longer-haired older dog Nicky--Sheltie and Papillion-- was under the motorhome too but he came right out and ran in the back door.

Ee-yeow! They both smelled but the longer-haired one had gotten the worst hit.

The both rubbed their shoulders vigorously on the dining room carpet before we realized we shouldn't let them.

To cut to the chase, they smell better and so does the dining room.Nicky had a thorough bath outside (hydrogen peroxide - baking soda - dish soap), and Lilly may get one. We got more done for the open house.

Sniff sniff.

I'll end on a happier note, with another of Kelly's works. It's called The Light in the Woods.

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kpercival55 Premium
OMG 😮 Funny story, glad it had a happy ending!
Your husband’s art is beautiful, all the best with his shows.
accad Premium
I can say you still have good friends around you, live with you, and feel at home with you, not in bad times but at the wrong time.
FKelso Premium
Ooh skunks! Cute little critters until they unleash their scent. How wonderful for you...

Your husband's artwork is beautiful. I hope his show went really well.
EHR Premium
Happened to a friends bulldog. He used tomato juice. Clerks at the store where he bought it asked him to just put the money on the counter. Hi dog had rubbed up to him. Gene
Joes946 Premium
Beautiful art work. Skunks can be deadly - you came out smelling like a rose - no pun intended! Good luck with the art show.