Inheriting Your Websites Eventually?

Last Update: October 26, 2019

Who is going to inherit your creative work?

This question came up for my husband Kelly and me this week. A friend who is about our age (70s) was over for dinner and then we showed her a 40-minute film called Nowsreal that he had collaborated on back in the sixties. It's about the San Francisco Diggers. (If you google the title, it can be found and watched on the archival Diggers website.)

Anyway, the next day Kelly and I talked about it and about the other creative works we've made. Our wills leave them to his daughter but she isn't really into making websites though she could remember to renew the domain names, I think.

We have some websites that really don't matter but we have several that a lot of work has gone into AND they are valuable both for the content and for their incomes. Of the various videos that Kelly has made, there are a couple more worth preserving going forward -- one historical program about a trip he made to then-Soviet Union in the 80s and one on training llamas. He's got some how-to books on natural building out as paperbacks and kindles, and I have a series of cozy mysteries and my memoirs in those formats too. All these are in our LLC.

So this is to set the stage for the question I began with. What have you done, what should you do, with your creative works? Hey, it could also be art... But as life goes on, this matter will come up for all of us.

Some of you are lucky to have family members to take them over, people who would have a clue what to do with them. But otherwise, what?

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Jules73 Premium
I've not thought that far ahead Rosana and I've only got one site up and running so not much equity to "leave" and when i'm gone it will be the last thing on my mind....

BUT both my children 9yr and 12yr old are aware of my website, my son often reviews my posts before I publish them to identify any errors or simply check that the content makes he's hopefully absorbing the positive messages along the way ;-)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
This is a very good question, indeed. We tend not to think of these issues, but now that you've brought it up... I should be thinking about that most definitely! Good luck to you, as you also make these decisions.
Twack Premium
It's an interesting topic and one that I think will evolve as the need for this issue to be addressed becomes more prevalent. I can imagine companies being set up as 'custodians' who will look after the sites. Maybe even the bigger hosting sites offering longer term contracts.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Hmm.. I wonder if WA itself could do something?
Helen123 Premium Plus
I really hope that I'm around for a very long time, and, looking back on where technology has come in my lifetime, I wonder where it will be when eventually my life is over. But having said that i really hope that there will be someone to take over my business when I leave. ... maybe my baby granddaughter Evie or her sibling who is not yet born.... 😁
Dave07 Premium
A website is a part of your estate as much as any physical item. If it is an income generating asset then it is definitely worth including in any formal will.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Yes, I agree, but what I'm wondering mainly is who people are giving their creative assets to.