I'm an Expert. On Procrastination

Last Update: December 17, 2020

I suppose I could be called an expert on a variety of things but this morning, I'm thinking how good I am at procrastinating. I often do it.

Sometimes I have a good reason, like a couple of nights ago when I took our little dog out twice in the middle of the night after he barked insistently. So I had trouble warming up and getting back to sleep. The next day I was a bit dull.

Other times, I'm just having too much fun reading a book or doing something else around the house.

Enough introduction! How about some tips on dealing with your procrastination?

How to NOT Procrastinate: Four Tips

  1. Make a list of things to do. I use a small planner, roughly 8.5x5.5 inches. I like this because it sits on top of the back corner of my desk, easy to pick up. At other times I've used online planning to-do lists, but I prefer something that isn't online. After all, quite a few things on my lists are not online, like doing laundry or cooking or -- one that's been on my list a while -- cleaning up the sewing room
  2. Put priorities on what you will do for the day. For example, for me today, blogging here and on my author site, are more important than -- here it is again -- cleaning up the sewing room.
  3. Just get started. That's pretty obvious.
  4. Be sure to get some exercise off and on during the day. It's been cold and very windy here recently, so most of my walking has been briskly around the house. I can do stretches inside easily too.

So those are some of my key ideas. What about you?

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DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Rosana,

I am an expert @ Procrastination - I plead guilty.

I like your four tips.

In fact I have been doing some online searching for a planner I can print off & have on my desk. Online may be OK but I would most likely leave it online with no action.

I am determined to take action & achieve in 2021.

1Rudy1 Premium
Ha! I once majored in procrastination...now I only minor in it...
Seriously, I decided to take a stand and start small by setting a limit of 3 hours per day to work on website stuff. Today was productive as I learned how well I dont follow instruction...kept going ahead because 'I knew' what was next, yet found out I was wrong...big lesson.
Dhind1 Premium
I also use lists to get things done. I am always adding things at the bottom and crossing things out as I get them done.
Often, I transfer things to another page when I need to just to keep the list going.

If the task is a large one, I will take a small bite of it and then move to something else -eventually the small bites enable me to finish it.

Isaiah14 Premium
You are right on point, Rosanna! I use an old school planner to plan my tasks for the day, by the time length on each task, and try to plan the hardest things first - else I'll never get them done. 👍

Appreciate the post!
Isaiah 😊
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Hardest things first, absolutely!
Thokozile7 Premium
Thank you for sharing Rosana. Great post. Awareness of why we procrastinate would be a great start, I think. If the cause is fear, deal with fear head on. If it's indiscipline deal with that first.
I find that once I have identified the cause, it becomes easier for me to tackle procrastination.
DCaribbeanQ Premium
I have to agree. I like to tackle the things that I hate to do first so no procrastinating.

Candy Benn