I Live in 3 Worlds. What About You?

Last Update: January 07, 2021

This afternoon, I was deep in a novel when my husband Kelly startled me by walking into the room. I realized as he continued out of the room that I was in one of my worlds but not the one that he is prominent in. Later, I thought of a third world I inhabit.

So here are my three worlds:

  1. This one. You know it too, the one where we work, share messages with each other, go to the grocery store or the dentist. This could be called the regular world. I suppose that much of what I read in the NY Times would go here... but not all!
  2. The world of imagination. That's where I was inside that novel. It does overlap some with the other ones, and I would put dreams in here. When Barbara from New Jersey was in Cancun recently, I enjoyed imagining her pictures of the beaches.
  3. The world of memory. This comes up all the time when I work on my memoirs. It came up today when I got an email from someone who is organizing people who raised llamas around the time that Kelly and I did, and she mentioned names of old friends of mine she is trying to reach.

So those are my worlds. I'm mostly in the first one and I'm in and out of the others.

What about you?

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Rhonda40 Premium Plus
My worlds rotate in and out and around my head and body. They never collide however, they do tap and bounce off each other as they float. They taste salty like the sea, smell like skin warmed by the sun and feel as soft as a field of freshly mowed grass.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Love the poetic name of your comments!
Twack Premium
The world of imagination, "to sleep, perchance to dream"

I didn't realise that not everyone 'sees' the characters of books in their heads. Apparently, some just read the words.

When I finally have the time to write some fiction rather than just playing around with the beginnings of half a dozen novels, then I will definitely be spending a larger portion of time in that particular world. At the moment I spend far too much time in the 'regular' world, sigh.
MiaL Premium
What a fabulous way to think about it.
I think I spend more time than I probably should in the world of imagination. I've always been that way. And perhaps that's why I like my own company so much. I don't know!! I far prefer my imagination to the real world sometimes :)
And now I can't concentrate on the regular world because I'm thinking about the world of imagination :)
RosanaHart Premium Plus
"Probably should" comes from the less imaginative people around you!
Newme202 Premium Plus
Rosana, we sometimes have to be in one of those 3 worlds too mentioned from time to time

The important factor is never to get lost in the other 2 but we need to always remember that being in the present is very important
Only1Hugh Premium
I am working hard to create my future reality in my current reality having learnt lessons from my previous reality