How I Take Care of Myself in These Times

Last Update: July 19, 2020

I don't need to tell you that these are very odd times, what with the coronavirus worldwide and governments making differerent regulations as to what we must do. I won't get into that specifically as it keeps changing, and the news covers it.

But I do want to share a the most important things that I do most days to take care of my health and my good spirits. Of course, working on websites, WA, or books are a big part of my days.

In list format, my approaches:

  1. I walk. I carry a pedometer in my slacks pocket. The one that I have used is by Omron,and I've gone through several of them for over 10 years, but there are a number of brands. Some people put an app on their cellphone. I don't like the health effects of carrying my cellphone on my person all that much, which may make me a rarity, so I don't use that sort of app. Some people suggest 10,000 steps a day, but I find about half that is ideal for me. I have a couple of routes around my yard, and I also get up from the computer and just walk a little in the house several times a day.
  2. I eat quite healthfully. Vegetables, fruits, olive oil when I use oil (or walnut oil if I want an oil with no flavor), nuts, beans, the rare fish or meat. Not much in the way of sugar and never fake sweeteners. Easy on the wheat and dairy. Herb teas, black tea... never did care for coffee.
  3. I do stretches, including simple Qi Gung practices, usually on my front porch where I can look at the mountains. I do any lie-down ones on the bed or on the carpet inside.
  4. I play with my dogs. Great for everyone's spirits! Sometimes but not always they get walks, but they do get a lot of exercise playing ball in the yard. We have another ball we use in a kind of bowling-alley part of the indoors. That's good now that the monsoons seem to be starting. The cat also gets her play time too, with a cat toy that resembles a fishing rod.
  5. A lot of people meditate, but I tend to pray, or you could call it positive thinking. I have a long mind map of family and friends I go through just about every morning. One day I might wish everyone JOY, another time, CLARITY, and so on. I get a happy buzz from doing this. When I read here that one of you has challenges, you may be on my list for a while, but I always do a moment for the WA community in general.
  6. My husband and I are mostly working on separate projcts during the day, but we make sure to have some relaxing time together at some point. This may include one show on Netflix. We usually share meals too.
  7. I usually get enough sleep, including an after-lunch nap.
  8. I talk with family members and close friends, sometimes using Facetime video, but if I am walking while visiting, I prefer to just use audio.

Actually most of these are habits that I have had for years and years, but I am a bit more diligent in these times.

What do you do to take care of yourself?

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Sui_generis Premium
I agree with you regarding the cell phone apps. I've had a Fitbit for many years and I love it. I do try to get 10K steps in a day but many days I don't and that's ok as long as I move.

I have to admit, I do eat poorly so I'm trying to do better with that. Thankfully I have no health issues because of it. I do have to get my one cup of coffee in the am but then I'm a tea drinker.....mostly unsweet iced.

I also get enough sleep finally. I didn't for so many years as a single parent and while working a job that had a very long commute.

I used to do Qi Gong. I should incorporate a few of the movements into my day. Thanks for the reminder.

Linda103 Premium
Good post Rosana, a good routine.
Computer based work is not conducive to fitness so we have to ensure we make the extra effort to move.
I exercise first thing each morning and finds it helps me focus better. I like to walk especially with the youngest grandchildren, 3 year olds with lots of energy. I go on our trampoline regularly with the grandson that lives nearest, the other one I travel to, though he loves it too when they come here.
I do sleep solidly for about 5 hours occasionally more a night which seems to suit me fine and has done for the last 10 years. Have not mastered the skill of an after lunch nap unfortunately. If I lay down in the day my brain goes into overdrive, quite annoying.
How lovely to have the mountains to see when you exercise, must be very uplifting.
FKelso Premium
Have you tried sesame oil? It's pricey, but goes a long way. I love the flavor.

Working on websites has not been good for my exercise program, so have made it a point to walk for 20 minutes a day. It's not a lot, but it really helps.

I, too, take a short nap after lunch, as much because the cat likes it as for me. I don't usually sleep during that time, but just enjoy cuddling with Pogo.
zydegeaux Premium
I have a vigorous exercise program of 12 ounce curls. Repeated lifting of a 12 ounce beer to my lips does wonders for the biceps.

I try to eat healthy but having grown up on a lot of Cajun food and being somewhat of a chef makes it tough.

I ride my bicycle when it's not raining or too hot.

I haven't gotten another pet since my last cat. My dogs and cats were always inside/outside animals but now I live in an apartment near a busy street.

Since the lockdown I rarely see anybody other than store employees. Most of my friends have moved away or died. Those left are practicing social distancing.

I do finger excersizes on guitar and play to backing tracks. I used to play at blues jams and open mike nights but those places don't do that anymore for the foreseeable future
FKelso Premium
Oh, I miss the music! Before the Covid thing we met every Thursday, and sometimes a couple of other nights a week as well. It's hard, not to be able to have that pleasure with my friends. Sure would like this virus to become a thing of the past.
gnoose Premium
Wifey and I can usually be found in the desert hiking around and taking in the sun. Just not too late in the morning because of the heat.