Are You Aware that Google Indexes Your Posts Here at WA?

Last Update: May 19, 2020

Many of the blogs that I read here at WA are informal, brief and friendly... more like chitchat among friends than the kind of blog post you would write to rank well in Google. So I'm just wanting to remind you here that the big G *does* index our WA posts. Sometimes anyway.

For example I just took about a dozen words from a May 1 post of mine and put them into Google encased in quotation marks. Sure enough, there they were in Google. But when I tried a similar experiment with a blog post I did here yesterday, there was nothing. I also tried an inconsequential line from a post I did a few weeks ago and they were not there. So there is no telling but it's easy to check. Here's what that test looked like:

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Momo722 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
eimba Premium
Thank you for sharing the post.
Stay safe.

james5273 Premium
Thanks for sharing this information.
katugasan Premium
EmakAmelia Premium
Wow, that never occurs in my mind before. Thanks so much for sharing, Rosana.

I am curious how did you come up with the idea of checking out your WA blog post on Google.

RosanaHart Premium Plus
Oh, I've done it for other sites of mine from time to time over the years I've been blogging.

If you try it, choose a few words that aren't likely other people will have combined. For example, I just checked "I popped up early" and there were over 8,000 listings."
EmakAmelia Premium
Aha, that's awesome. You just inspired me to write more not only for my blog but also here at WA.

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