An Unusual Week, Both Work and Other

Last Update: February 13, 2021

I wouldn't have thought the week would be so different, but then we rarely do know that in advance, do we? I was blogging and emailing and all the rest of my normal work,

But then on Wednesday, a book I had ordered arrived. Danger sign! I got absorbed in it that evening and all the next day.

What grabbed me? Love, Life, and Elephants, by Dame Daphne Sheldrick. It begins with her forebears, white settlers in South Africa, moving to Kenya. She was born and grew up in rural Kenya herself, with a huge love for all animals. Marriage, children, tragedy, and elephants make up the tale. I do recommend it, and probably most people could put it down from time to time, even if I hardly could.

I did get back to work once I finished it, with occasional glances at the news going on here in the US.

Then yesterday my husband and I went off for our scheduled Covid vaccinations, the Moderna one. We did have to wait a while but the young woman who gave us our shots had such a delicate hand that neither of us felt any pain at all. I went to the grocery store while Kelly was getting his shot. I found several of my favorite vegetables on massive sales there, always nice. My arm is just a little sore today, but it doesn't bother me.

We were on Zoom this morning, watching the bar mitzvah of the grandson of one of Kelly's sisters. We aren't Jewish and hadn't been to such a service. It was beautiful and inspiring.

So there's the week behind me. Coming up around midnight tonight is snow, goodie!

Next week I do expect to get more work done. Really! Jaaxy calls...

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Sounds like a nice relaxing week, Rosana! Enjoy your snow! I'm ready for our cold weather to be gone! 🥶

Debbi26 Premium
I understand. If I get a good book, I can't stop reading it and everything else sans emergencies has to wait! The week went by SO VERY fast though. I think someone is speeding up time and not telling us.

Happy Valentine's Day.

AlexEvans Premium
An action packed well Rosana, and you will be pleased to have got your vaccinations. Best wishes for the coming week, a great start researching on Jaaxy.
Christorv Premium Plus
A real interesting week that was, Rosana. In regards to the vaccinations waiting for mine here too, they just opened two locations for it so just waiting for the mail telling me when I could go.
Newme202 Premium
Really interesting and varied week you had Rosanna.
Wishing you more interesting progress in the coming weeks