5 Things to Do when You Don't Feel like Working

Last Update: May 04, 2020

We all have times when we don't want to work. I've had plenty of them over my long life, and I sitll have them. Guess I could call myself an expert on laziness! But there are ways to trick yourself into getting going.

  1. There's a reason I chose a dog for the header image, and you may have already guessed it. I'll start with it. Get away from your desk and walk around. That can be around your apartment or house, or it can be outside. If mydogs can do it, their pleading eyes get me outside into our frenced yard. I take walk breaks several times a day. One time I walk is when I am on my cellphone with my sister or a friend.
  2. Caffeine can be a mixed bag, but in the mornings I like some good strong black tea. Never have liked coffee, but it could do the trick for you. There are a lot of nootropic supplements that can boost your energy too.
  3. Plan ahead, and there will probably be something on your list that you could tackle even when tired or listless.
  4. Take a nap. That's a SHORT nap, using a timer if needed. This works wonders for me.
  5. Just work anyway. Once you get started, there is a good chance you'll keep going.

What works best for you?

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gnoose Premium
Prior to retirement, I worked form home. I learned how to get a 15 minute power nap, grab a cup of coffee and get back to work during my so called lunch break. Lunch was actually various veggie nibblies gobbled on the fly at my desk. Worked for me, and a power nap is a wonderful energizer

LawrenceHill Premium
What a wonderful post!

I read your title and immediately thought of 'go back to bed' and yo and behold No 4 is take a nap...lol

Sometimes our bodies or minds have just had enough. We put them both through a lot. Wouldn't it wonderful, but boring, to be a Panda and just sit there eating bamboo shoots all day without a care in the world!

But yes, your body and mind sometimes needs a rest to rejuvenate, especially if you are actually ill etc. So go back to bed or take a nap is actually a serious option when you don't feel like working!
LindaF Premium
Walking works best for me. I even walk in circles. when both feet are in action you are being grounded. your energy flow will circulate much better and your thinking patterns are much more organized and seem to get stronger.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Good advice thank you for sharing
Patbracy Premium
Thanks for sharing. This is a very good post as I am doing number 5 right now. Just work anyway.