Why Are Wealthy Affiliate Members Taking Over The Internet?

Last Update: February 08, 2020

Why Are Wealthy Affiliate Members Taking Over The Internet? That is the question we are going to try and answer.

Its been brought to our attention that there is a community called Wealthy Affiliate and this group of people have taken over the internet.

New members of Wealthy Affiliate are able to outrank even the biggest brands on the internet meaning the search engines are favoring Wealthy Affiliate Members, and that, of course, is a reason to be concerned.

Detective To The Job, Why Are Wealthy Affiliate Members Taking Over The internet?

So our agency was contacted and given the responsibility to investigate why Wealthy Affiliate Members are taking over the internet. And of course, the agency wanted the best team working on the case, and that is why the case was brought to my office.

When I came to work I sat behind my desk to start the day’s work when I notice a file marked, why are Wealthy affiliate Members taking over the internet? I was intrigued and examined the file closely, and as I was about to pick it up, the door swang open.

At first, I thought it was just one of my colleagues coming in to catch up on the morning gossip, to be honest, I don’t understand people who prefer catching up on gossip during work hours. Although the morning gossip is usually kinda hot because the memory is clear and you can state every detail lol.

But the person on the door was not one of my colleagues, it was one of the bosses from up stairs, I stood up because those guys don’t come to these parts of the building unless something is very seriously wrong or maybe something is going very good and I am getting a raise(the latter is highly unlikely)

The Boss Walks In And Take The Wealthy Affiliate Case File

So I embraced myself for the worst, I am I getting fired? It could happen because my style of doing things is not very popular around here, but then again I am the best they’ve got so, I don’t think they can afford to let me go, I have done investigation work for many years and, my record speaks for itself.

So I looked at him straight in the eyes and said good morning, what brings you to these parts of the building. He just picked up the file from my desk without a word. He said you see this right here? We want you to find the answer to this question, why are wealthy Affiliate members taking over the internet?

From this moment on, you will not eat or sleep until I have the answer on my desk. To this I replied, don’t you think you are going too far with this? I can’t eat, He looked at me his gaze burning into mine and at that point, I felt like my life was in danger.

Then he said, you get my point I want the answer to these questions on my desk pronto. I want you to pay a visit to a witness who has agreed to come forward and share some very useful information, her details are in that file. He Threw the file on the table almost knocking my cup of tea off the table.

A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate Agreed To Spill The Secrets

Speak to her, gather all the information, we need to crack this case.

To this I replied, with all due respect Dan, I know how to do my job. With his back turned as he headed off He said, get it done then! and he slammed the door. I hate when people slam the door and I could have followed him and gave him a piece of my mind but I had work to do. And besides I still need this job.

I quickly downed the last of my tea, people think it’s very weird that I drink tea, as a detective, you would think that I would be a coffee drinker, but no, I drink tea. Some of us Detectives we have weird habits like drinking tea or sucking on a lollipop.

I put on my jacket, picked up the file and hurried out of the door, I went through the file to see the address and the name of the woman I should speak to.

As I was walking down the hall, I met one of my colleagues who whispered that he too is a member of Wealthy affiliate and he just got his website indexed and actually his post is already on first pages of all search engines.

Can Wealthy Affiliate Take A Compelete Beginner And Turn Hime/Her Into An Affiliate Marketer?

This is despite him having zero knowledge of web design and content creation. I told him I will speak to him later but for now, I have a very important meeting.

When I walked into the cafe, I saw the woman I should speak to, she was sitting by herself and as I approached I noticed a hot pink laptop on the table, a phone, a notebook and pen, and I noticed something else, a cup of tea.

I approached her, smiled and said, I am glad I am, not the only tea drinker around here. She stood up and I introduced myself and shook her hand, she said her name was Rose, she did not give the last name and I did not ask because I had a more serious matter to discuss.

As I sat down I couldn’t help but notice what she was working on, it looked like a blog post. I had to get the interview going and I did not want to be sucked into the Wealthy Affiliate success stories because I hear those members are always posting success stories.

This Question Must Be Answered Before We Proceed

So instead I decided to start the questioning, and a detective of high caliber like myself, there is one very important question that a suspect must answer before we get to the subject of the matter so I proceeded to ask, so miss Rose, where were you on the night Tupac was short?

She looked at me dazed and confused, I know that look because that is the look most suspects give you to try and throw you off.

I was not having it. With a stunt look, she asked me what does that have to do with Wealthy Affiliate? To This I answered, just answer the question, see most suspects would answer a question with a question so they can disrupt your line of thoughts.

I have been in this business long enough to know all the tactics suspects use.

She told me that on the 30th of November 1994, she was not anywhere near New York and at that time she never even knew that one day she would get on an airplane leave alone visit New York. She went on to state that she was not even aware at that time of a person called Tupac but she later got to learn about him and she even started listening to his music although she did not fully understand the words.

Is This Related To Why Wealthy Affiliate Members AreTaking Over The Internet?

She also said that she does not see what this have to do with Wealthy Affiliate, To this I replied, are you trying to tell me how to do my job? I was getting angry now because it started sounding as if she was questioning my capability of doing my job, this is the second time in one day that my professionalism is being questioned, so I went all the way.

I told her first of all, don’t you dare question my credentials OK? I have done this job for many years, I am a highly educated detective, we are talking CSI Miami, Law And Order, Orange is the new black ( maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that one)

Kojak, do you know Kojak Miss Rose? Do you even know who Telly Savalas was?

I mean old school or new school style of detective work, I am the best there is.

The Woman Was Not Taking Me Seriously, But I Had To Get Some Answers

She looked at me with a look of amusement which I did not appreciate at all.

I did not like how this interview was turning out so I decided to turn things around and just stick to the topic of the matter, so Miss Rose, what makes Wealthy affiliate so special and more importantly why are Wealthy affiliate members taking over the internet?

She said it’s very simple, Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform that has the ability to take a complete beginner and turn him/her into a successful affiliate marketer. And not only that Wealthy affiliate is the only place that you find the most supportive community in the industry.

Just last night I had an issue, with my website and the community was all over it trying to help me fix it and it was fixed immediately.

The thing people don’t understand is that when you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are not just joining another training program on the internet. You are joining a community, you are joining a platform where you are able to establish online connections with successful online business owners who are willing to help you as you build your own online business.

She Said Wealthy Affiliate Offers The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing And Then Some

Plus being in Wealthy Affiliate gives you an upper hand because you get all kinds of training and tutorials, first-class web hosting, first-class site support, and a list of affiliate programs for you to join and start promoting products and services.

She went on to say that some people are worried about Wealthy affiliate taking over the internet because every niche you look at, there is a member of Wealthy Affiliate ranking on search engines. And it is true because I have come across many websites, that are doing very well and when I look closer, I find that they are owned by members of wealthy affiliate.

At this point, I had my answer and the interview was over.

She asked me if I would like to take a look at what she was working on, on her laptop, to which I obliged, and I saw that she was working on yet another celebratory post to announce that not only did she get top 200 rank, she actually managed to get to top 100 in Wealthy affiliate.

Was She Doing All This Just For Announcing That She Is In The Top 100?

This surprised me because Wealthy affiliate has more than 2 million members, so I asked her how she managed to rank in the top 100, she said that she will probably not be on top 100 for long because there are many members who are very active on the community, but she said she does try to stay on the top 200 by helping new members, by answering questions and creating blog posts and commenting on other member’s posts.

At this point, my job was done and I knew if I stay longer I will just keep hearing success stories because she had already started going on about how members of Wealthy affiliate are also succeeding on YouTube, and other platforms.

All These Success Stories At Wealthy affiliate

I did not have time to listen to all those success stories, I had a report to submit.

My report was very simple and I wrote it in 5 minutes. Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that prides itself on being a place where you can join, even if you know nothing about affiliate marketing. As long as you have an internet connection, you have basic knowledge of how to operate a computer. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you the rest.

And with time and dedication, you can move on from being a beginner in the online business to a successful online business owner.

I wonder if the member of Wealthy Affiliate would agree or disagree with my report.

The names on this article have been changed to protect the witness, and other people involved.

The author is a very knowledgeable detective, as exhibited in the article. She has listed her source of training as CSI, Law And Order, Kojak, among others so there is no reason to question her credentials :) She gets very angry if people question her credentials lol

Author's Remarks

This is probably the longest post I have ever posted on WA, but I had a lot of fun writing it. And no I was not under the influence of alcohol, or anything else lol.

I just wanted to do a post about me being on the top 100 but went overboard with my attempt on being creative.

I blame @twack for this, I have been reading too many of his posts and therefore I got some inspiration to be creative.

Well, I hope you guys will read some of it, I know its long.

Thank you for your time.

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HeidiAnders3 Premium
Miss Rose!!!

This is one of THE BEST WA posts I have ever read!! You should get some kind of medal, or sticker, or lollipop for it! (I'm serious!)

What a phenomenally written post! Your creativity here is out of the ballpark and I was hanging on each word you wrote!!

Thank so much for seeing the greatness in everything that makes WA so amazing! You've got it all listed here!!

(I hope the investigator pleased her boss!)

Here's to tea, lollipops, and a stellar writer, named Rose!!

TheCatherine Premium
Totally agree with you Heidi. If Rose doesn't join us as an ambassador then there is no justice in this world. For the second time today and going to say I wish I could write like that
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I won't be calling you anything but sweet, Catherine!!! (Yes! Rose will make it!!)

Big hugs!
Ropesa Premium
Lol Heidi, lollipops, tea, I forgot to add pistachios, I was also going to add a section about coffee and doughnuts but I thought I was pushing it too far, and the Police officers we have within the WA community might get offended :)
Ropesa Premium
Wow, Catherine, I am humbled. Thank you so much.
TheCatherine Premium
The last thing you need to be is humbled Rose you need to shine!
Ropesa Premium
You ladies are super awesome
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Twack Premium
First, huge congratulations on making it into the 'Top 100' that is awesome and so very well deserved.

Second, I loved being taken on this creative journey, it reminded me of those radio shows. I'm too young to remember 'Sam Spade' but the ones where the detective does a narrative:

"He didn't look up when I entered the room, he never did, I was lucky if he even acknowledged my presence. Well, today was going to be different. Today 'Buckets Malone' was gonna listen to me."

Lastly, I am happy to take the 'blame' for this outstanding piece. 😉
Ropesa Premium
Lol Twack, it's your fault that the WA, community has to be subjected to these kinds of posts lol, Thank you for your congratulatory message, much appreciated.
Twack Premium
Very welcome.
Jules73 Premium
Congrats on your rank and a fantastically creative way to mark the occasion. I enjoyed the read and its message. You are very talented.

I have done as @TheCatherine suggested below and shared the affiliate link to my pinterest account.

Congrats again 🎉 Jules
Ropesa Premium
Thank you for your comment, I know its long so I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

MKearns Premium
This is something I've seen a lot lately. -- A leading unproven statement that starts a discussion!
Stanleycmng Premium
Great post, Ropesa. You said enough, can’t add to it. 👍🏼👍🏼
Ropesa Premium
lol thank you